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Melissa Sheil

Mass Communications/ Journalism Student at Curtin University. Melissa has experience in the hospitality industry and is skilled in customer service, public speaking, professional writing, research, and project management. Strong operations professional with a mass communications base, she is focused in journalism and web media.

Vitruvian Form rides the home gym trend

// Local fitness tech Vitruvian has added the endorsement of former Australian pole vaulter Amanda Bisk as orders for their new V-form home gym flow in...

Seven deadly sins of creative entrepreneurs

// Entrepreneur and creative agency founder, 33 year old Tara Shelton has made mistakes. Like all of us. Here's seven of them...

Curtin embarks on a shipwreck recreation voyage

// Soon you'll be able to study a shipwreck, without setting foot in the ocean...

A healthy fit

// Perth founded dating app Fitfam Findr has announced a global partnership with London based 173Tech, introducing key members of the former Bumble team into their operation.

Podcasts – viable supplementary and alternative learning

// Right now, university places and applications are being shuffled and decided. What has this to do with podcasts?

World’s first flexible workspace ‘Health-Coach-in-Residence’ debuts in Perth

// Perth based co-working space business Liberty is introducing what it believes is a world’s first in-house health coach service.

Workplace bullying is ‘unAustralian’- Lessons from a CEO to prevent it

// Popular perceptions of Aussie culture may include a laid-back, laughing group of mates... is this the case in the workplace?

Curtin Uni researchers win $3.9M of fellowship grants

// Curtin University is continuing its streak of churning out prize winning trailblazers, most recently in the field of esteemed research grants.

Innovation is prime motivation in China, could Australia benefit?

// China's not waiting for AI, machine learning and all the rest to take hold. Nor should you...

Revolutionary mining project wins 2019 Curtinnovation Awards

// A technological invention that can potentially save millions for Australia's oil and gas industry took out the top prize at the 2019 Curtinnovation Awards.

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