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FlyOnE takes aviation to new heights

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// // Australians are soon to have a new environmentally friendly, cost effective and very cool means of transport...

A Perth startup is paving the way for carbon-neutral aviation, establishing the first generation of electric aircraft across Australia.

FlyOnE is working to make flying environmentally sustainable, distributing revolutionary electric aircraft (including the Pipistrel Alpha Electro), building an extensive charging node network across the country and training pilots to fly the new breed of aircraft. 

With two charging nodes already built at Jandakot and Murrayfield airports and negotiations open to install a third at Rottnest, founder and CEO Korum Ellis (main picture above) now has his sights set on expansion to the eastern states. 

FlyOnE takes aviation to new heights
The Pipistrel charging at the Murrayfield airport node. Source: Supplied.

“We have our little growing fleet of aircraft here now on the ground (and in the air) in Western Australia, an active charge node network in WA, and we’re about to open one in Queensland in January,” he said.

“The first generation of aircraft which we are importing and distributing now are just the tip of the iceberg. 

“[The Pipistrel Alpha Electro] is an excellent trainer and recreational aircraft and will start to be adopted by more and more flight schools and private aviators as we continue to prove the viability and cost reduction of electric aviation.

We are decarbonising aviation in Australia from the ground up.

Korum Ellis, FlyOnE Founder and CEO

A new trade agreement will see the fresh fleet of electric aircraft set into service as early as next year, opening air taxi operations to destinations on the charge node network.

Also in the pipeline is the import of 20 new Air One eVTOL aircrafts from Israel that are expected to arrive by 2024. 

Alongside distribution, FlyOnE is training up the first generation of electric pilots in Australia.

Several students are currently in FlyOnEs flight school practising in the Pipistrel, with one expected to become Australia’s first fully trained electric pilot next month. 

The Pipistrel is available for purchase from the FlyOnE showroom at $219,000.

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