Mask on, Mask off!

Mask off
The joy of ripping off that mask...

They’ve served their purpose. They and we have all done a great job. WA is approaching 80% triple vaxxed, one of the most vaccinated places on the planet. The curve has been flattened, and experts suggest peak Covid was a few weeks ago. So, today marks a big step forward in our return to the new normal, or post Covid life, the soft landing, or whatever it turns out to be.

Mask mandates across the State were relaxed as of midnight, and across WA there’s been a huge collective sigh of relief, and no doubt some nerves, as the masks come off, and we can now see some of the faces of those we’ve been working with, once more.

You can’t quite throw away the mask just yet, however. Anyone aged 12 and over will still have to wear one on public transport, including taxis and rideshare, at airports, hospitals, aged and disability care facilities and correctional facilities.

And of course you can still wear one whenever you like at work, rest, home or play.

Dreaded Iso

As for close contact and isos, only people with COVID, and close contacts with symptoms have to isolate for 7 days as of today.

If you’re a close contact but have no symptoms, then you can move about as long as you take a daily RAT test, wear a mask when not at home and avoid high risk settings (such as hospitals and aged care facilities). You’re also encouraged to work from home, if you can, and avoid non-essential gatherings and people vulnerable to the virus.

Pubs, Clubs & Restaurants

The 2-metre rule has also been removed today, and all capacity limits are also gone. You won’t have to show vax proof either.


The G2G Pass requirement for arrivals into WA has been removed altogether, as of today. So too vaccination requirements for interstate travellers.

The double dose vaccination requirement for international arrivals will continue as per Federal Government requirements though. WA’s requirement for unvaccinated Australian international arrivals to quarantine for seven days will continue, with a review in four weeks.

For a FULL LIST of measures and rules, visit the WA gov website.

So the message is: Covid’s not over, but we’re into a new controlled phase. It can still go pear-shaped, but if we’re all calm and careful, we could yet navigate to zero restrictions from here.

You stay careful out there, and for those struggling with it right now, may we wish you a speedy recovery. The latest strain is not nice, we hear.