Uncorking the EU wine market

Hamoun Aria, CEO. Image supplied.

As the wine producing community in Australia face strict competition from other wine exporting countries and limited opportunities due to the restricted international travel caused by the ongoing pandemic, one WA wine export startup is doing its part in helping Western Australian wine companies stand up.

Perth-based exporter and distributor Ecope International has reached an agreement to export WA wines to Sweden, the company’s first forway into the European market.

The startup was founded in May 2020 by Captain Hamoun Aria, a Swedish expat who saw an opportunity with the WA wine industry.

Aerial shot of Sweden. Image: PlanetWare

Captain Hamoun believes that this deal could be “massive” for the WA wine industry.

“For [us], this deal means that we have successfully understood our customers needs (and) effectively planned and executed our sustainable strategies to create a new export opportunity for WA wine in our target markets.

“For the WA wine industry, this deal means a 47% increase in all WA white wine exported to the EU in 2020. We have established a safe bridge to new routes and increased consumer demand for WA wine in our target markets.

As a local company, we understand the passion that goes into a wine produced in WA and we are here to bring that passion to the export market so that consumers, producers and the industry can benefit. We are committed to ensuring that our stakeholders’ needs and wants are met through the entire supply chain. Sustainability is a key in our business.   

Captain Hamoun Aria

In 2020, WA exported a total of 149,700 litres of still white wine to Europe, making it 47% of WA’s total exports. Ecope International has a shipment of 70,000 litres of a single varietal wine going to Sweden in Q4 2021, due to be distributed to over 420 outlets across the Scandinavian country in early 2022 – the first time such a volume of wine has been exported in a single order.

Opportunities for WA wine producers

Ecope International is a full-service provider that offers export provision from Australia, import logistics and distribution in Europe and local marketing in their target markets.

Spanning the Swan Valley to the Great Southern, the company continues to expand its product portfolio whilst helping WA producers increase revenue opportunities by gaining traction in new export markets.

Wine regions of WA. Image: Wines of Western Australia

While Ecope International is currently focusing on WA wine varieties, existing and potential clients are welcomed to pitch new and alternative varieties for evaluation such as organic, vegan wines and low/zero alcohol wines and distillations to meet target market needs.

“We will continue working together with our producers to increase the market share of WA wine in our target markets. To further support WA producers and offer (a) broader service to our customers and clients, we (are looking to) expand our existence in other European countries. As we grow, we (will) create employment opportunities in WA. Supporting the community is essential for us (as) that is part of our CSR focus,” said Hamoun.

“I believe WA has so much to offer. It is a hidden paradise in bountiful Australia. Wine tourism is something we have been discussing in our family with excitement. It is a way to showcase and connect the region with our European consumers to get to know and appreciate the product even more.

“We welcome our local producers, firstly within the Food and Beverage industry, to join our journey to showcase WA in our target markets. I am always available to catch up with local producers and discuss collaboration,” he said.


To find out more about Ecope International, visit their website.

To contact Captain Hamoun Aria, you can contact him via his e-mail or on LinkedIn.