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Peddle Perth
PeddlePerth Under the Lights. Image: Living Well in WA

According to the App Analytics and App Data Industry Standard, mobile users spend over 1.6 trillion hours on their devices with a record $27B spent in-app consumption – the highest consumer in-app spending has ever been. With nearly 35 billion mobile device consumers interactions, there has never been a greater demand for instant consumption.

This is where local startup fieldd comes in with its newly announced partnership with Peddle Perth.

With fieldd’s revolutionary smart field service management software solution, Peddle Perth launched its own “Uber-style” app platform that will automate and promote its rickshaw transport services which include night tours of the city and fun entertainment activities, like scavenger hunts.

People enjoying their rickshaw ride in Perth. Image: Peddle Perth

Peddle Perth Owner Zac Duggan says that allowing people to download Peddle’s free app and book a ride whenever they want “gives a unique experience” and “adds a real fun experience” to their night, a one-of-a-kind service that is not available elsewhere.

With the new addition of its app courtesy of fieldd, Peddle Perth has set its eyes toward an expansion to other parts of Australia in a few years.

Playing the fieldd

Fieldd launched its software as a service platform last year just as COVID-19 hit our shores, but that hasn’t slowed down the new company. Within a year, the platform had acquired customers and users in 13 counties and it is continuing to grow at a 30-45% rate each month.

Fieldd CEO Harrison Lingard says that the company offers a simple solution to a “common business problem”, which he alludes is the level of responsiveness and efficiency when it comes to the increasing demand of real-time consumption.

Our development of an industry first mobile app to complement our software is designed to transform mobile service business efficiency with the simple flick of a digital switch.

(Digitising operations) is the only way small-to-medium enterprises will ever be able to compete in this new world.

Harrison Lingard, Fieldd CEO

Built out of necessity for another Perth-based company, Harrison helped digitise their small business with fieldd. With that in mind, he spent years perfecting the software using geo-fencing and AI to match customers with service providers, putting the customer in control of their service, including tracking a job all through to payment and completion.

Read more about fieldd’s disruption and revolutionary start here.


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