Global gut health is getting a lift: SuperFlora

There's a new shake in town, and it's set to be a game changer...

With the growing awareness of the importance of health and wellness over the past year, it’s been difficult to get the right advice when there are so many products and fitness influencers flooding the industry.

However, that hasn’t stopped NoisyGuts.

NoisyGuts is an Australian health-tech company on a mission to improve global gut health. Their latest move is to introduce SuperFlora, a gut-friendly, super shake that contains a superfood fibre-blend that is gluten-free, good for you and your microbiome and contain a clinically validated probiotic.

Essentially, SuperFlora is a meal replacement shake developed with gut health in mind, targeted at sufferers of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), a condition one-fifth of the Australians suffer from.

Using only the highest quality ingredients like Valrhona Dutch Cocoa Powder, Preuvian lucuma powder and 100% Aussie whet protein isolate, the SuperFlora gut-friendly shakes have no nasties, including artificial additives.

SuperFlora gut-friendly shake in French Vanilla Bean flavour, RRP $24.95.

NoisyGuts co-founder Josephine Muir, who herself suffers from IBS, believes that SuperFlora is the solution to a no-cure illness.

Our shakes are fodmap-free, gluten-free, and contain only gut-friendly ingredients.

The $20BN meal replacement market is saturated, but Superflora is the only gut-friendly shake on the market and it’s recommended by our medical advisor – WA’s favourite gastroenterologist Nobel Laureate Professor Barry Marshall.

Josephine Muir

What’s next for NoisyGuts?

Josephine says that the immediate goal is to be “the meal replacement of choice for people with IBS and/or sensitive tummies” and to provide a “science-based, gut-friendly weight loss shake”.

You can listen to a podcast we recorded last year with Dr Muir here.


You can view and purchase SuperFlora here.