The food-ordering app giving power to restaurants and drivers

Rewalty app
Rewalty app aims to give a better deal for businesses, delivery people and customers. Image supplied.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, especially during snap lockdowns such as this week, online food-ordering services have become a necessity for restaurants and hospitality businesses.

Food-ordering made affordable and rewarding

Launched earlier this year, Rewalty is Australia’s first blockchain-based loyalty and food ordering startup, and founded in Perth.

Customers want to support their favourite restaurants, but they haven’t had a better option. We’re empowering a hospitality network by providing a service customers and merchants can rely on.

Kevin Coutinho, CEO Rewalty
Kevin Coutinho with Rewalty delivery bag.
Kevin Coutinho with Rewalty delivery bag.

The app allows customers to order easily from home for both delivery and pickup. In-store ordering on the app is also available, which helps reduce waiting time and removes the need for queuing.

The app also presents users with recommendations and value suggestions when ordering, through an AI-interface which helps customers save money.

But Rewalty goes beyond a simple ordering app, with a heavy focus on customer loyalty. Rewalty customers are rewarded with every order through loyalty points that can be spent at any restaurant within the Rewalty network.

Low fees, more profit

As businesses adapt to the need for online ordering, many are left paying high commission rates to big food delivery platforms and left with little to no profit. Rewalty switches it up, offering merchants at an affordable 10% commission fee (as opposed to 30% or so charged by others), ensuring businesses can earn more via delivery.

And unlike other food-ordering apps which take out heavy rates from their deliver drivers’ cut, Rewalty takes no commission from them at all.

Rewalty delivery
Rewalty delivery people earn 100% commission for their service

With the industry’s lowest commission rates for both merchants and riders, Rewalty aims to prioritise the success of the businesses within their network and due to their low commission fee, customers save money.

Because our suite of services is holistic, we’re not relying on just one offering to generate revenue. For this reason, we can offer the industry’s lowest commissions.

Kevin Coutinho, Rewalty CEO.

Social media meets food delivery

The startup also includes a unique social media engine that encourages customers to share photos of their food orders for others to see. Restaurants can then use this to improve and promote their menus.

Customers can also submit reviews on the app, watch marketed ads from different restaurants, and refer their friends and family. These allow customers to further gain loyalty points.

The social-media aspect of the app aims to keep customers connected, minimise marketing costs and increase overall sales for merchants.

Rewalty is a new player in the highly competitive food-ordering industry, but feels like it can attract businesses with its unique marketing features and generously low rates.

The Rewalty app is available on the App Store and Google Play store, and is eager to welcome new merchants to their network.


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