Pic It! and link it

PicIt! makes it easy to link any image to almost anything. Image supplied.

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed life as we know it. QR codes have been used more than ever to provide contactless services and information. We all use the Covid-Safe app of course when we check in anywhere, and businesses have had to adapt to this new demand, using QR codes to allow customers to be instantly be linked to their ordering system or website.

However, QR codes have their limits. They only allow customers to be directed to one link per code, and can be big and bulky. Perth startup Pic It! has created a new app to replace QR codes and keep up with the change in demand for contactless information sharing.

The new app doesn’t require a code, but instead uses image recognition technology to allow users to scan any object or printed material and be directed to various linked content. Businesses can link users to multiple digital content, including photos, videos, websites, and contact details.

Any printed image or object can be made scannable on the Pic It! app. Image: supplied.

For example, a retail shop can enhance a customer’s experience by recommending outfit ideas when they scan particular clothing. A restaurant can also link customers to their menu when their sign is scanned.

The app is made so businesses can easily create linkable pictures with a few clicks.  All businesses need to do is take or upload a picture of the object they want users to scan, and then add content to link users to after scanning.

Unlike QR codes, Pic It! has also created the ability for businesses to change the linked content at any time, without having to change the scannable image.

Pic It! is made for users to easily and quickly use. Video: supplied.

The startup was created with small businesses in mind, to help them grow by allowing them to show more of their diverse information they want their customers to see.

The app was also created to be used by anyyone. People can link a message from the bride and groom when guests scan their wedding invitation. Jobseekers can or link a short video introducing themselves, as well as images of projects they’ve done when someone scans their CV.

Founder Rob Bouwman has been a printer for many years, and wanted to bring printing into the modern world.

You can have documents in there, even audio files, pretty much anything. We’ve been going a few years, developing and testing it out. Feedback has been good, we’ve been making improvements to it, and now it’s more about getting it promoted. This is a new concept, so people are more used to QR codes, especially in Asia. We’re trying to expand this idea.

Rob Bouwman

Monthly subscription for businesses are $9 for a month’s worth of images. So it’s perfect for a cafe, who might use it for a monthly special, put the linkable limage on a flyer, and people can scan that to get the offer.

“There are some other competitors over in Europe, but ours is aimed more at the small business owner,” Rob told Startup News. “We also offer a white label option though, so larger businesses can have their own branded version.”

“I’m looking for coders and developers, so if someone is interested in helping us, joining the team, I’d love to hear from them,” he said.


The PicIt! app is available for use on a 30 days free trial. For more information, visit https://thepicitapp.com