StartupWA’s 10 policy priorities for the next state government

StartupWA 10
StartupWA's top 10 policy ideas for the state government
  • There’s a state election around the corner
  • Startup WA has outlined its ten policy priorities for the next state government
  • New digital jobs, promotion, government contracts & infrastructure

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We want Western Australia to be recognised as a global hub for entrepreneurial and technology talent, where the value that startups bring to the economy is widely embraced.

StartupWA supports the WA Government’s focus on the need to diversify our economy and strongly believes that startups play an integral role in creating new industries and net new employment.

StartupWA welcomed the $16.7m New Industries Fund released in 2017. This fund has now run its course and StartupWA is excited to see what the state government will invest in the sector going forward.

StartupWA proposes the following initiatives be supported and/or led by the WA Government: 

New digital economy jobs

  1. Create a government-led co-investment fund.
  2. Lead on-going quantification and analysis of the economic impact of startups. 
  3. Incentivise investment with government and industry in startups.

Government contracts for startups

  1. Develop and fund a government led GovTech initiative to unlock solutions to government issues while creating new businesses in WA.

Promote the sector 

  1. Promote entrepreneurship in high schools as a viable career option.
  2. Attract international talent to migrate and/or return to WA to create new startups and invest in the sector. 
  3. Engage tourism agencies to promote WA’s combined attractions of lifestyle and innovation.
  4. Fund the role of State Chief Entrepreneur.

Building innovation infrastructure 

  1. Partner with Industry for an Automation Centre of Excellence to showcase WA.
  2. Build a technology precinct enabling co-working spaces and laboratories.

    StartupWA board chair and members Tom Goerke and Cam Sinclair discuss the ten ideas…