axiiio announces Kickstarter campaign


// A Perth-based startup that, has created the world’s first truly multifunction camera motion control system, is set to launch their Kickstarter campaign this month…

The axiiio Nano, which has been in development for six years, is a flexible, multi-function motion control system that allows users to add programmable motion control to any camera.

As the system is small, lightweight, portable and simple to set up the axiiio nano system can be changed on the fly without tool, making it useful for time-lapse photography, stop motion animation, chromakey composite shots for visual effects or as a focus puller.

The product is designed for both professionals and hobbyists alike, and November the 10th has been set as the launch date for their Kickstarter campaign which will feature two products; the axiiio Nano Starter Kit and the FIZ kit.

The Nano starter kit contains a nano motor, motion pancake and receiver, meaning you can create a single axis motion rig.

The axiiio Nano FIZ kit contains 3 nano motors and a receiver which can be used to build a fully feature Focus, Iris and Zoom lens controller.

axiiio’s current offering (Instagram: axiiiogram)

Founded by Adam Liwszyc, axiiio was started as a ‘do-it-yourself’ project to counter the high cost of remote follow focus units. With the assistance of friends and colleagues and after much trial and error, Adam came up with the highly ambitious idea of an affordable universal camera motion control system.

“I almost fell off my chair when I got some prices for remote follow focus systems,” says Adam.

“Buying them was like the cost of a new small car and hiring them meant 1000s of dollars of dead cost, so I thought I should just build one.”

Adam Liwszyc, axiiio

Adam has previously held a variety of roles in robotics development, film and audio production. This includes leading controls systems development teams that have taken automated tooling underwater for repairs, modification and maintenance whilst working as  a marketing consultant, such as for local robotics company FBR.

Whilst being in development, Adam has created multiple protoypes, tweaking the design and field testing the camera rigs in production to ensure the axiiio system works. 

“At its heart the axiiio nano system is a set of components which allow filmmakers and photographers to build, configure and utilise motion control rigs to inspire inventiveness, and achieve their creative vision in ways limited by imagination” 


As an Earlybird offer, axiiio is offering free goodies to the first 20 backers for their two pledge levels on Kickstarter. This includes a free L braclet that can be used to make multiple rigs for motion control, which is valued at US$70 (AUD$98), alongside a free Motion Pancake which is valued at US$350 (AUD$490).


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