Startup West podcast ep43: Vanessa Rauland & Alexander Karan, ClimateClever


// We talk with the founders of ClimateClever, who are on growth trajectory having been featured on ABC TV recently …

🎙Recorded down at Riff, Kali and Charlie talk with Dr Vanessa Rauland, founder and CEO of ClimateClever, and cofounder and CTO Alexander Karan.

Their tech allows schools, homes and soon businesses to calculate and manage their carbon footprint. Things are taking off, especially since featuring on ABC TV’s ‘Fight for Planet A’ recently.

Listen through to the end, as there’s a bonus chat after the closing credits about a fund raise completed during Covid.

“… I think they had a call out for homes to participate in it, and she forwarded it to me and she said you guys should get in contact with this film crew and tell them about ClimateClever … that’s the power of the community and the supporters that you have as well.” – Dr Vanessa Rauland.

For more:
Flight for Planet A:…limate-challenge

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