Video production company aims to help struggling WA startups


// Video production company Perth Video has pledged to provide a 50% discount for their services for WA startups affected by COVID-19.

Local startups are already being affected by the current state of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Many planned meetings, conferences and events have now being cancelled as a result of virus concerns.

To alleviate this time of financial hardship for many startups who are forced to cancel their events (or resort to online means of communication), entrepreneur and video producer Jurgen van Pletsen from Perth Video is providing a 50% discount until June 2020.

Perth Video is a video production company that offers live streaming, event filming, interviews, social media, corporate communications and promotional videos.

“If you have a communication goal, whether that’s explaining something complex to the board of directors, making live performances available to the world, capturing training content or building buzz for a new product, you’re in the right place.” Jurgen told Startup News.

Perth Video

Pletsen explained that businesses don’t necessarily have to cancel all their meetings or events. He understands that many are hurting due to government directions taken in terms of quarantine measures preventing large gatherings.

Not only does this directly affect the startups involved, but the ripple effect financially is also immense for those people and their families who set up the events and rely on their income.

Perth Video is known for setting up their services in challenging conditions, but Jurgen said he can cover events on 48 hours notice.

Perth Video livestream of last year’s Startup WA Summit

For example, Perth Video can help you to film and professionally livestream your event. You can present as usual, while others can watch from anywhere with internet connection.

Jurgen also provided some general guidance in these uncertain times for startups.

“In times like this, we must start to get creative and work around these problems,” he said, “Don’t lose heart, know how to re-position yourself and be adaptable to change.”


Right now, it is especially important to keep calm. And to that end, Jurgen has set up what he calls the ‘world’s first 24/7 livestream of toilet paper’, with suitable calming music…

Visit to chill out with toilet paper and soothing music!


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