Rescuing pets one brightly coloured coat at a time


100,000 pets are killed in council pounds and shelters every year, says Perth-based animal welfare charity PetRescue, who has teamed up with Aussie fashion label Gorman to do something about it…

PetRescue’s ‘Safe & Sound Pounds’ initiative is set to disrupt an outdated system which is failing to keep Australia a safe place for pets.

Considering Australia is a nation of pet lovers, the 100,000 deaths a year is a shocking statistic.

It seems especially odd in that PetRescue says it manages to find a home for 95% of all pets listed for adoption, and in most states there is higher demand than there are rescue pets.

The issue, says PetRescue, is not irresponsible pet owners, abandonment or over population. It’s a flawed system.

“There is no one clear answer to the current pound problem in Australia so we have developed a raft of initiatives to tackle the issues from many angles,” said Vickie Davy, PetRescue spokesperson.

“This includes working directly with council pounds, a pilot de-sexing program, utilising technology and recruiting vet clinics.”

PetRescue established its online platform in 2004 to connect pets in rescue organisations with thousands of potential adopters every day. PetRescue has managed to disrupt the industry, improve public perception of rescue pets and create an easier adoption process.

The latest ideas include a public awareness campaign around the pound problem, fund raising through the sale of the new Gorman x PetRescue limited edition dog coats and even a hackathon event to bring in the brightest minds to solve this issue.

The pet coats are available in four different sizes and three Gorman exclusive prints (Neighbours Garden, Walk It and Green Fingers). The new coat offering will ensure your pooch is not only print perfect, but toasty warm just in time for winter.

“Let’s take this opportunity to consider all creatures great and small and the difference we can make through our support of PetRescue,” said Lisa Gorman, founder and creative director of Gorman Clothing.

Lisa Gorman

“We’re extremely excited by the innovative initiatives that have been established to help protect pets in Australia and the purchase of your dog coat will help progress this great work. Let’s support PetRescue to keep our furry and feathered friends in loving and caring homes,” she said.

The Gorman x PetRescue limited edition dog coats are now available in all Gorman store locations and online at


For more information about PetRescue’s Safe & Sound Pounds campaign visit the website.

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