Juan Otero launches online information hub for blockchain technology


Blockchain influencer and serial tech entrepreneur, Juan Otero, has launched an online information hub for blockchain technology, Cryptocurrencies, which he hopes will become “the Bloomberg of crypto”…

Cryptocurrencies.com.au is a Perth-based online information hub for ‘all things crypto’, offering real-time worldwide coverage of blockchain news, free personalised real-time alerts, market data, information on top blockchain events, along with an extensive collection of blockchain educational resources.

Becoming a Blockchain Influencer

Over the past couple of years, Juan Otero has cemented his place as an influencer in the blockchain space.

Speaking at blockchain events internationally, Juan is also a consultant and adviser for startups, blockchain companies, ICOs, government organisations and startup accelerators like

Juan Otero

Silicon Valley’s Founder Institute, the European Institute of Innovation & Technology (EIT) and the European Commission.

Now, he has launched Cryptocurrencies, dedicated to providing a one-stop-shop for blockchain professionals, enthusiasts and beginners that is both educational and comprehensive.

A Tech Passionate

Juan is no stranger to tech startups. With over fifteen years of experience in building, scaling and leading disruptive companies, he has previously worked for large tech companies including Oracle and Booking.com.

In 2012, he founded Restaurantes.com, Southern Europe’s leading restaurant SaaS provider and online reservation service, which was named by Wired Magazine one of Europe’s fastest growing digital companies. It was acquired by The Michelin Group in France after raising over $11M in venture capital.

“I strongly believe that the way blockchain technology can change power dynamics through decentralisation will transform the way we live and work,” Juan told Startup News.

“After I read Satoshi’s white paper: Bitcoin – A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System, I knew straight away that blockchain technology would be the most disruptive tech in decades. As a tech enthusiast, how could I not get involved?”

Easier, But Not Easy

Although this was not Juan’s first time building a tech company, there were still challenges along the way. Juan told Startup News that it was difficult to find the right user experience and user interface design.

“It is not the first tech company I have built so every time it becomes a bit easier and you get a bit better at finding the right people to help you along the way.

“However, the biggest challenge was coming up with the ideal UI/UX in order to include all the information we wanted on the website.”

The ‘Bloomberg of crypto’

Juan has big plans for the Cryptocurrencies site, and the launch service will be added to over time.

“We have a number of developments coming up, like our proprietary Al-powered Sentiment Analysis Tool, along with custom-built tools to support the up-and-coming security token ecosystem that could establish Cryptocurrencies as ‘the Bloomberg of crypto’.”

Passion + Motivation = Success

As Juan knows, launching a startup requires a great deal of motivation, and he’s passionate about his latest business idea.

“[My tip is to] find something you are really passionate about and the success will follow. You need to love what you do at work to stay motivated”.


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