Stirling Business Centre launches startup coaching program


The Balcatta-based Stirling Business Centre has launched a coaching program for startups that they hope will be “exciting and accessible”…

Most tech startups head on down to FLUX, Spacecubed, ThinkLab or their local co-working space to meet and connect, expand their networks and take on advice.

In a nod to the growing interest in startups generally, business centres are now looking at the tech startup sector and seeing them as possible clients, who need and deserve assistance just like any small business they have been traditionally set up to focus on.

Stirling Business Centre in Balcatta is launching a new coaching program for startups and small businesses who are wanting to grow their business.

Supported by the City of Stirling, the ‘Momentum program’ will provide frequent and structured coaching to the participants to create the clarity and focus for them to confidently lead their business.

The program will comprise monthly individual and group coaching and can be packaged to include either a private office or a desk in Stirling Business Centre’s collaborative co-working space.

“Stirling Business Centre is a great space from which to work” said Yvonne Atkinson, CEO of the Stirling Business Centre.

“Being able to collaborate and connect with the other tenants is a real bonus when you’re just starting out and to have access to a professional business coach is hugely beneficial to ensure you’re achieving your goals.”

The program is being delivered by Emergination, a local professional coaching organisation (whose Managing Director is the well known startup supporter Justin Davies) who will take participants through a proven strategic planning process and continually support them so they remain focused and on track.

City of Stirling Mayor Mark Irwin said it was this ongoing support and accountability that would make the difference.

“The coach will help guide their journey from start to finish, as they grow and hopefully succeed in their business,” said Mark.


Startups who are interested in the Momentum program should contact Yvonne at the Stirling Business Centre on 0419 184 572 or email

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