YOW! West – //Startup News Reduced Price Ticket Offer


Yow! West Banner Logo

YOW! West is a new conference that will bring the same high calibre speakers and cutting-edge content of the YOW! Conference to the west coast for the very first time! Over a 2-day period the best international, national and local experts will provide thought provoking and innovative talks in their field of expertise.

Some or all of you may have heard of, and be interested in the YOW West conference, but be a little bit put off by the price.

//StartupNews has your back. Use the promotional code WAStartup during ticket purchase and you’ll get a special $200 reduced off the price.

I’ll be covering the event in full for //Startup News, so I’ll see you there!

UPDATE: Due to a rushed post and not enough fact-checking, I originally wrote this as ‘half-price’. Obviously $200 off isn’t half price. Or even nearly. I blame… *rolls dice*… the weather!