Is The SBDC Still Relevant To Startups?


Business is business regardless of your model, the SBDC can guide you through the regulatory and licensing requirements for your startup.

Business Starters Checklist.


  1. SBDC has been extremely helpful to me over my 12+ years of business (all startups) especially when i’m doing something new like employing someone, renegotiating a lease or dealing with landlord, council or other people which can seem daunting at times you can get advice and lots of info from them which has been helpful over the years.

    • Thats great to hear, I have always found their service pretty good. But I must admit they were a bit behind when it came to tech or internet related business related questions a few years ago. Maybe things have picked up, I wonder if an SBDC person might do an interview for us. Ill follow up.

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