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Startup West podcast ep2: Claire McGregor, Appbot

Startup West
Startup West
// You thought we wouldn't have a 2nd episode right? Well, we do, and it's a classic. Claire McGregor tells us how she moved from vet practice to London and back to marketing executive to cofounding Founder Institute in Perth and then Appbot.

Claire McGregor tells Startup West how she moved from vet practice to London and back, then to marketing executive to cofounding Founder Institute in Perth and then Appbot.

Welcome to the second episode of the ‘Startup West’ podcast.

In a wide ranging chat, Startup News‘ Charlie Gunningham and Beth Caniglia talk with Claire McGregor from Appbot.

Claire is just plain awesome – straight talking, tons of experience, really good at what she does. There’s loads of great advice for startup founders here…


Welcome to Startup West, the podcast about building great startups in sunny Western Australia with people who’ve been here and done it, or live here and are doing it!

Claire McGregor has certainly ‘been there and done it’.

A trained vet, she tells us how she wound up in an online business in London in charge of their revenue line, then back in Perth as Director of the Silicon-Valley run Founder Institute and marketing person at Agworld before forming Appbot with Stuart Hall.

Appbot is one of those less well known successful startup stories in Western Australia; but a story that needs to be told.

Net cash positive from almost the first day, the service is used by more than a thousand paying clients all over the world, some of the largest brand names imaginable.

Among other great advice, hear Claire explain why moving someone from free to $1 is MUCH harder than moving them from $50 to $250.

For more, go to, or follow Claire on Twitter or read some of her latest writings (great content here).


In our next episode we chat with the amazing Grant and Sharon Grosser of SEQTA.

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Startup West podcast ep2: Claire McGregor, Appbot

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Startup West

Startup West

Produced by Startup News, the Startup West podcast talks with West Australian startups who have been there and done it, or are right here and doing it! Recorded in beautiful Perth, WA.
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