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Startup News launches ‘Startup West’ podcast, with Matt Macfarlane & Brodie McCulloch

Startup West
Startup West
// Pinch punch the first day of the month AND in an august (haha) move we launch our first ever pod, Startup West - have a listen, share, enjoy, review & let us know what you think.. even better SUBSCRIBE to Startup West wherever you find your podcasts. Help us promote local startups and get the word out!

Pinch punch the first day of the month AND in an august (haha) move we launch our first ever pod, Startup West – have a listen, share, enjoy, review & let us know what you think..!

Welcome to August and our brand spanking new ‘Startup West’ podcast.

In a wide ranging chat, Startup News’ Charlie Gunningham and Beth Caniglia ask Yuuwa capital’s Matt Marfarlane and Spacecubed’s Brodie McCulloch about their own backgrounds in Perth’s startup scene, what they think of the sector now, where it’s going, and what it needs now.

  • What did Brodie do in the States before founding Spacecubed in 2012?
  • When did Matt return to Perth and what startup failure did he endure?
  • How did Spacecubed take off, and how big is FLUX now?
  • What is the most important feature (worth 60%!) does Matt look for in an investment?

All these and more are answered, so please listen below on the embedded Soundcloud player or wherever you hear your podcasts.

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In our next episode we chat with the amazing Claire McGregor of Appbot.


Welcome to Startup West, the podcast about building great startups in sunny Western Australia with people who’ve been here and done it, or live here and are doing it!

In this first episode, Startup News‘ Charlie Gunningham and Beth Caniglia talk with Yuuwa Capital director Matt Macfarlane and Spacecubed’s Brodie McCulloch.

Matt is a well known West Australian early stage VC and angel investor, and Brodie set up the first coworking space, Spacecubed, in 2012 in Perth, which has since gone to open new, expanded coworking spaces FLUX and Riff as well as the Plus Eight muru-D tech accelerator.

What’s the state of the local startup scene in Perth and WA? Which startups do Matt and Brodie particularly admire, and what do they look for when they are deciding to invest? What does the sector need now? These and other questions are answered in the next 26 minutes…

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Startup News launches 'Startup West' podcast, with Matt Macfarlane & Brodie McCulloch

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If you are a startup founder or investor and have a story to tell, do please contact us, and we’ll see if we can get you on an upcoming episode.


‘Startup West’ podcast is brought to you by Startup News, Alyka, ECU The Link, BDO and ThinkLab Coworking.

You can listen to more episodes of the Startup West podcast here or by subscribing to Startup West on Soundcloud or through your favourite podcast player.

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Startup West

Startup West

Produced by Startup News, the Startup West podcast talks with West Australian startups who have been there and done it, or are right here and doing it! Recorded in beautiful Perth, WA.
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