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To Coffee or not To Coffee?

Henry Thai
Henry Thai
// // Having a coffee break or coffee meeting is part of Aussie business culture... but does it pay?

// Having a coffee break or coffee meeting is part of Aussie business culture… but does it pay?

The 15 minute coffee break could be costing Australian businesses billions.

Coffee machine company JURA has calculated that businesses with 10 employees lost $10,000 and 270 hours in productivity per year. For larger companies with 100 employees, coffee breaks could cost more than $90,000 and 2,700 hours per year.

Add that all up, and you’re talking more than $11B. A great industry perhaps, but is it good for business?

A break is a good thing, right?

Research shows there are many health benefits to drinking coffee, from increased metabolism through to better concentration.

Even with better focus and memory, studies show there is one caveat – more coffee doesn’t necessarily mean more focus. Alertness begins to drop off after the first coffee.

To Coffee or not To Coffee?
Image: JURA

Additionally, coffee drinking has been linked to losing weight, so that’s good right? Not necessarily, if your overall diet has too much coffee in it. Your dentist might not like all those stained teeth either.

Another study by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) found increased group productivity benefits.

Startup News spoke to Tom Young, CEO of Perth startup Udrew, about how coffee helped his business grow – and yes, just like that MIT study the act of heading out to their favourite café got the teams minds running like clockwork, even sparking many eureka moments.

“I think it might even be the act of getting coffee rather than the coffee itself that helps the thought process”

Tom Young, CEO uDrew

Tom said heading down Beaufort Street for coffee helped his team bond together, and the casual environment allowed them to let things out they might not have in the office.

How about an office coffee machine?

In-house coffee is something many companies go for, as it saves time in popping across the road to the nearest coffee shop.

Some modern office machines can personalise your coffee to taste on an app, saving you the grief of discovering your favourite barista has gone on holiday.

Even the cost of the machine itself could pay itself off in only a few months when you compare it to lost productivity. And don’t forget, taking a bit of time away from your desk, and standing up and moving around, can be a good thing.

Is it still worth going to a café?

Yes! But maybe grab two while you’re there.

Main Photo by rawpixel from Pexels.

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Henry Thai

Henry Thai

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