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Tips to boost your business presence during COVID-19

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// // To promote your brand during this hectic time, your social media content should connect with your consumers...

// To promote your brand during this hectic time, your social media content should connect with your consumers…

Here are some tips by brand expert Stella Gianotto on staying in the social media loop.

With the Covid-19 pandemic, social media might be one of the main ways of keeping in touch with friends, family, colleagues, and the world. So perhaps this could be one of the best times to get active with your brand and post supportive content. You are communicating to people who are, right now, time-poor and stressed out.

If you’re a business that can afford a social media manager, or you yourself are one: here are Stella’s Do’s and Don’t’s on promoting your business’ social media presence:

Tips to boost your business presence during COVID-19

1. Do maintain your brand across all relevant social media platforms

Ensure the messages you write have one unified message and appeal to your chosen audience. The tone of your writing (sense of your voice) must be consistent and suit your brand.

Don’t use all uppercase letters in your posts; you are literally YELLING AT PEOPLE!!! Nobody responds well to shouting.

2. Do create simple and clear social media guidelines

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused changes to the guidelines of all businesses, and that’s for everyone’s safety. It’s important to state what’s socially acceptable (and what’s not) during Covid-19.

Don’t boast about your reputation here; employees and consumers of your brand are representations of your business. So it’s important to create a sensible and supportive presentation and as a result, your business can build relationships and engage with prospects and the wider community.

Tips to boost your business presence during COVID-19

3. Do take advantage of the free social media features

Facebook Messenger has a chatbot feature that provides instant responses to questions to your customers, which builds rapport.

Some social media platforms even have verified badges that can add credibility to your brand.

Don’t create groups or install messagebots that spam your customers about the things you’re selling right now. Offering helpful advice will gain your brand more credibility, so they can trust to purchase from you in the future.

4. Do what you want to see

How is your business setting itself apart from competitors? Are your services or products beneficial at this time, and how?

This is what people want to know.

One way is to feature an outside expert on one of your social media platforms. Organise a live webinar or Q&A session, where consumers can participate and experience educational content. This will tap into your existing audience and the audience of the expert, and will create positive interconnections within your digital community.

Don’t continue to post videos and testimonials on how amazing you or your business is or post content that is dooms laden. Your content must add value to people and to their lives, and if it doesn’t you’ll quickly be removed from their news feed.

Tips to boost your business presence during COVID-19
Branding expert, Stella Gianotto.


If you’re interested on finding out more, check out Stella’s website here. She is author of ‘Marketing Brands Made Easy’; ‘Social Media Marketing: Write Up Your Tweet’ and ‘Well Spun: Big PR and Social Media Ideas for Small Business’.

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