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VenuesWest signs up to Hyprfire’s Firebug

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Desiree Durrani
Hyprfire Optus
// // VenuesWest ups its security signing onto WA startup Hyprfire's Firebug.

VenuesWest, WA’s major owner and management of the state’s biggest sport and entertainment venues, has recently signed on WA cyber security startup Hyprfire’s newest generation network security system, Firebug to its servers.

Firebug is based on Hyprfire’s Power AI platform, which uses statistical techniques to distinguish malicious network traffic from normal traffic. This creates an added boost of security to VenuesWest which effectively manages to ensure world-class sporting and entertainment experiences to the people of WA and beyond.

Hyprfire’s powerAI

Ian Millar, VenuesWest’s Chief Information Officer believes that the Firebug will allow the company to “find and hunt down unauthorised and malicious activity on (their) networks”, crucial to ensure a smooth and secure process for the public who use their website to book tickets to some of WA’s biggest event.

In today’s security environment organisations need to have better network visibility in order to find unknown threats. It’s no longer enough only to have perimeter and endpoint security systems.

Firebug has been successful in detecting activity unlike that of other solutions on the market. It’s great that this solution is being provided by a Western Australian group.

Ian Millar

In short, Hyprfire’s Firebug cyber security software solution is designed to defend against ransomware and other cyber-attacks on corporate networks. Firebug provides organisations with an “early warning system” on their internal computer networks and alerts to vulnerabilities and unauthorised activities before a ransom or other cyber attack happens, providing a new level of protection for critical infrastructure providers.

VenuesWest signs up to Hyprfire's Firebug
Aerial shot of Optus Stadium, one of VenuesWest’s biggest stadiums. Image Credits: VenuesWest

The Hyprfire team strongly believe that Firebug can help defend against new and emerging attacks which Australian businesses, government agencies and critical infrastructure are constantly under threat of and are at risk of losing tens of millions of dollars in losses annually, which can have knock-off effects on the rest of the state.

This sentiment is echoed by HyprFire’s Managing Director, Tim Jones who has said that “Firebug can help stop cyber attackers causing damage to governments and businesses (by providing) organisations with an effective and affordable network security solution”.

To help deploy and manage Firebug in the VenuesWest network, Hyprfire has engaged ES2, a leading cyber security and managed security services provider.

ES2’s Managing Director Frederic Drouin has said that his team are “very excited about Firebug” as it “addresses a major gap in cyber defences”. He also believes that Firebug is the “missing link between perimeter and endpoint security solutions”.

In February this year, Hyprfire raised $2.25M from local investors.


To learn more about Hyprfire’s solutions, visit their website.

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