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VentureX launches to support WA female founders

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Charlie Gunningham
VentureX founders
// // Five local businesswomen have set up a new network for WA female founders

Five of WA’s most experienced businesswomen have set up a new “dynamic, inclusive and educational” network for female founders, based in WA. The launch has been timed to coincide with next week’s special ‘West Tech Women’ event, which in turn has been designed to inspire more women to pursue entrepreneurial careers.

VentureX HQ has been founded by Perth-based directors Pia Turcinov, Tracie Clark, Justine Teggelove, Stephanie Rowland and Sheryl Frame, each of whom has a strong influence and extensive experience in the Australian business scene.

The network is being founded during a time when the benefits of encouraging gender parity in entrepreneurship and private capital firms are being thoroughly discussed.

“We were tired of seeing female founders underestimated and undervalued and individually frustrated by the continued poor level of funding in female-led ventures,” said the group, in a media release.

“The ingrained biases and barriers encountered by all too many women when it comes to securing investment and scaling a business, we really felt that this was a space where we as women need to lead the change.”

Our vision is to level the playing field by wrapping a customised education structure and support network around female founders to enable them to scale, secure investment, flourish and thrive faster. We will also be encouraging more women to step confidently into the realm of investing in exciting innovative ventures, whether female led or not, while working on better connecting the existing investment ecosystem with female led innovative companies.


Members who sign up to VentureX HQ will receive a range of benefits throughout the year including:

  • 10 x monthly roundtables with experts and experienced role models focusing on key elements and staging of venture growth in a small group roundtable discussion environment.
  • Access to monthly office hours for one-on-one mentoring sessions with experienced mentors and professional advisors.
  • Founder networking events with small, invite-only informal group networking opportunities.
  • Access to a personal education & growth program focusing on becoming investor savvy & investor ready, while enhancing confidence and amplifying personal brand.
  • A safe, inclusive and confidential space for members to speak their mind, ask questions and calibrate expectations of themselves, their team and their investors.

Pia Turcinov will present more details about the launch at West Tech Women at 7:30am on Tuesday 7 December.

Register to attend West Tech Women for free now:

VentureX HQ is now accepting expressions of interest to join the network.


For more information, visit

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Picture of Charlie Gunningham

Charlie Gunningham

Former co-founder, GM, CEO Business News and Accelerating Commercialisation adviser. Charlie has spent 20+ years in Perth's startup scene, as founder, mentor, adviser, writer and investor. There's nothing he likes more than helping early stage tech startups ... and drinking coffee, shiraz or playing in a blues band. Email Charlie here.
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