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Unique online swap shop launches

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Liam Wignell
// // In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, BSwapShop has launched to allow businesses to swap services with each other to conserve cash...

// In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, BSwapShop has launched to allow businesses to swap services with each other to conserve cash…

A business ‘swap shop‘ has been launched to businesses to try to preserve cash during these turbulent times by directly exchanging goods and services without using the medium of money, much like the early days of commerce.

BSwapShop is a collaboration between three businesswomen from two Perth-based businesses; Lisa Smith and Vicki Hodgson from Blow Your Own Mind (BYOM) and Kati McKeon from Hot Lizards Designs (HLD).

As reported in Startup News last year, BYOM was launched to offer practical learning experiences through workshops and development coaching for businesses; while HLD specialises in creating Squarespace websites for small businesses that can be easily updated by business owners.

No money is received by either BYOM or HLD for introducing microbusinesses to each other through BSwapShop.

“A simple registration process allows businesses to create a profile swiftly and provides a profile for business owners who are feeling particularly vulnerable in the current economic climate,” co-Director of BYOM Lisa Smith told Startup News.

Unique online swap shop launches
Bustling markets. Barter is commonplace. Photo: Dan Freeman

Already a variety of businesses have signed up from a range of industries including legal, finance, retail, health and wellness along with marketing and IT services.  

“Being entrepreneurial is a necessity more than ever in such uncertain times as well as post-COVID-19 crisis, as the knock effects will be around for a while,” said Lisa Smith.

“We felt compelled to assist the community with whom we’ve worked with so closely and show entrepreneurial leadership”.

“Cashflow is a concern for small businesses at the best of times, but a form of bartering has always been around. Having this in place can support those micro businesses during this difficult time, and hopefully build both a solid referral network and genuine online reviews so they are in a stronger position moving forward.” said Kati McKeon of HLD.

Kati McKeon

“Collaboration has always been our modus operandi and having been a client of Hot Lizard Designs, we knew exactly who to call to get this portal up and running.” said fellow BYOM Director Vicki Hodgson.

“Our one disclaimer is that we take no responsibility for the facilitating of trades, and users trade on their own terms and conditions. Furthermore, we encourage users to speak to their accountant about any tax liabilities. But we’re delighted to be responding to a very urgent need that will assist sole traders to survive and perhaps even thrive through these unparalleled times” Vicki added.

So, if you have any services you would like to exchange, jump online to BSwapShop, list your business and get swapping…


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Picture of Liam Wignell

Liam Wignell

Liam has extensive experience across marketing, procurement and project management roles in both the public and private sector. He contributed to Startup News from 2020 to 2023 and was contracted as Managing Editor in 2022.
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