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ULUU signs JV deal with Indonesian seaweed supplier

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// // Following on from its $8.6M raise earlier this year, the Freo-based climate tech company is shoring up its supply chain...

Freo-based climate tech startup ULUU has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Mina Agar Makmur, an Indonesian Cooperative, for seaweed supply, with the first shipment of seaweed between the companies made in August.

The company has pioneered the development of seaweed as an alternative to plastics, and raised $8.6M last year from an impressive list of funders, including including supermodel and philanthropist Karlie KlossTame Impala frontman Kevin Parker and a wealth of arts and music backstage big hitters like Festival Republic and Future Classic via deep tech investors Main Sequence.

A delegation from the recent Indonesia-WA trade mission, led by Premier Roger Cook and Agriculture and Food Minister Jackie Jarvis, visited the headquarters of the Mina Agar Makmur Cooperative.

Based in East Java, the Cooperative is developing a site with seaweed processing equipment. The Cooperative has 1,200 hectares of Gracilaria seaweed under cultivation by 150 farmers, with a production target of 1,000 tonnes for next year.

Ten tonnes of seaweed can produce one tonne of ULUU plastic, by using saltwater microbes that digest carbohydrates in the seaweed, during the fermentation process.

The plastic pellets produced can be used to create items such as furniture, packaging, car parts, and clothing.

Seaweed is a new commodity for East Java, and aligns with diversification of the region’s economy, along with supporting farmers. This arrangement is also a great example of sustainable, advanced manufacturing.

Agriculture and Food Minister Jackie Jarvis


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