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Top 10 articles for September quarter, and other news…

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// // What were the 'most read' stories on Startup News over the September quarter? The results are in ...

// What were the most read stories on Startup News over the September quarter? The results are in …

The last three months saw Startup News grow to 34 contributors overall, and pump out 64 articles, 6 podcasts, but probably most important of all – we launched the HUBS database, which details 130 places, programs, investor groups, events and incubators of all kinds here in WA.

If you’ve not discovered this Hubs database yet, click on the HUBS tab up top, and navigate to the list; there’s also a separate co-working list which shows 55 such spaces.

Top 10 articles for September quarter, and other news...
The new HUBS database is now hosted on Startup News

Thanks go to Andrew Outhwaite of We Are Arising for this work, and Startup WA for their support in putting this together.

Startup News is incredibly proud to be involved, and be chosen to host this resource.

Traffic to the site has tripled over the past few years, and subscribers to Startup News’ Friday 3pm email has grown from 900 or so a year ago, to just under 2,000 today. Thanks for your support!

We exist to promote and share the goings on of WA’s exciting startup community. It needs and deserves to be publicised, and we should never shy away from our own success stories. With more success will come more investment, and yet more success. The ecosystem always comes first (we now even have a place to showcase it), we need more successes, and the investors and backers will then accelerate. Amen.

The Top 10

The top 10 most read articles July- September 2019 were:

  1. BetterLabs announces 3rd investment – SpacetoCo
  2. How Incubators makes money
  3. Perth fintech aims to make retirement smooth
  4. Rex OrthoScrew raises $1M
  5. WA X-Tend makes Profound investment
  6. TEDxPerth shows social impact
  7. Does WA need a $100M fund (video)?
  8. Fogarty Foundation launches $15M innovation fund
  9. HUMM releases memory patch
  10. Singaporean investors put US$5M into Rateit

Notice how all of the top 10 stories were about either funding or launches (or both).


Thanks to our Sponsors

We get by thanks to the wonderful support of our most excellent sponsors Wrays, BDO, Spacecubed and Curtin University.

The funds pay for the out of pocket expenses of the site, our writers (who are paid per post) and promoting the site and local startups.

To that end, every story you share with your networks and on social media all helps people find us, and helps promote what is happening in and around WA’s burgeoning startup tech scene. Thanks for what you do, too.

Go #WA #Startups!

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