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Thinklab Coworking To Launch In Fremantle

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Thinklab – Fremantle’s Dedicated Coworking Space for Tech Entrepreneurs to Be Launched by Fremantle Mayor Dr Brad Pettitt On June 1st At 4pm

A growing need for co-working space has fueled the launch of at 2/51-57 Market Street Fremantle.  A 110 sq meter facility at the heart of bustling Fremantle caters for Tech entrepreneurs who want to work in close proximity with similar startup groups.

Thinklab’s Juan Vazquez commented: “Fremantle has so much to offer, and has a real point of difference from Perth CBD coworking hubs”. He added “We have found that Tech orientated individuals thrive in Fremantle’s unique environment”.


Thinklab will be offering additional business support – with a focus on “exit planning”. Juan added “We see so many entrepreneurs fixated on the Big Idea but pay little attention to the end game. We will add meetup groups, talks by business angels, venture capital firms and access to corporate advisory professionals into the mix.  Whilst we can’t own our member’s futures for them – we can get them access to professionals who can help shape their evolving visions for their businesses”.

Thinklab Coworking To Launch In Fremantle

Thinklab is at the heart of the city, a few minutes walk from the train to Perth, and offers a typically Fremantle loft style workspace. Its coworking environment caters equally for full time members or those dropping in once a month. Juan added “Flexibility is critical, and we aim to cater for individuals as well as small groups. Experience tells us that we need to expect and encourage growth, and embrace companies that outgrow us. We are expecting to say goodbye to members in time, but by then we should have launched Thinklab 2 – a natural extension for both us and maturing businesses”.

Thinklab Coworking To Launch In Fremantle

Studies have commented, that whilst working from home is a welcome flexibility for working lives, it can lead to productivity issues, as the lines between work and home get blurred. Co-working offers individuals their space, but the environment delivers focus, consistency of effort, with the added bonus of as little or as much interaction with co-workers as desired.

Thinklab officially opens on 1 June 2017 with an Open Day (9am to 4pm), RSVP Here.

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Patrick Green

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