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The Future of Sports Analysis, Helix Performance Sport Science

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Tim Frey Helix Performance Sports Science
// Helix Performance Sport Science is a company that aims to provide sports analysis for sporting teams and individuals, tailored for their specific needs.
Director of Helix Perfromance Sport Science
Tim Frey, Director of Helix Perfromance Sport Science

The very moment that Tim Frey and his business partner Mark Scanlan left university, they knew they wanted to do something unique and relevant to their hard won qualifications.

They wanted to go into business for themselves, and the result of this was the formation of Helix Performance Sport Science.

Helix Performance Sport Science is a company that aims to provide technical analysis for sporting teams and individuals, tailored for their specific needs. Tim and Mark have created a vehicle, with this new enterprise, to bring the science behind professional sports teams to the common man at an affordable price. Their in-depth scientific approach can quantify to the nth degree, where a sportsperson can and should improve their physical conditioning. They employ the most up to date techniques and procedures to judge the strengths and weaknesses of any prospective clients, without resorting to gimmickry or the latest fads or myths. They are also a mobile organisation, willing to come to you to and perform their services. They use SAQ testing, functional movement testing, Anthropometry, physiological performance testing and athlete profiling. To put it bluntly, they only give you results that they can measure down to the last millimetre. With Helix Performance Sport Science, the days of cross-fit, personal trainers and fitness advisors could be numbered, they just wont be able to compete.

Early days.

Tim Frey, one of the founder members of this new business, is a driven individual. His parents are German and they emigrated to Australia when he was an infant, to start a new life with barely a thousand dollars to their name. The courage to take a step into the unknown has rubbed off on their son. Having recently completed his masters degree in sports science, at the age of 22, Tim was willing to pursue his dream of owning a business, taking financial risks in the process with bank loans to purchase equipment, create a website and a social media presence.


Admittedly, I was initially sceptical when I first met with Tim, but my anxiety quickly dissipated once I realised how prepared and professional his approach had been in creating Helix Performance Sport Science. His rates are extremely competitive for what the customer receives and are far cheaper than any equivalent sports science provider in Western Australia. And the comprehensive nature of their analysis makes any other competitor seem amateurish. Tim is convinced that there are virtually no companies in Perth that are capable of providing the service they provide. They have already hired an extra strength and conditioning coach to assist them.

I attempted to pick holes in his going concern just to test his resolve, but he had a riposte for everything I posed. So far his clients have mostly been soccer and AFL players, so I questioned his flexibility. Is Helix Performance Sports Science capable of adjusting their techniques to other sports? For example a rugby player might need a different set of maximised physical attributes in comparison to a soccer player. Tim saw this as no obstacle whatsoever. The services provided by their company are incredibly flexible and can adjust to any set of criteria requested or required by the individual in a plethora of competitive sports.


Revenue was another area of doubt that I harboured in this venture, but Tim quickly moved to dispel this as an issue. They have started small, with only one employee alongside the two founder members, so their overheads are reasonably low. They have already acquired a decent client base and the word is spreading. It is true that most of the larger professional sports teams such as the West Coast Eagles and the Western Force would have their own sports science specialists, but the next tier down in all codes is packed with teams with limited access to such profound and specialised expertise. It is here that Tim believes, lies the companies future.

In the medium term, Tim hopes to have expanded his growing business enough to employ up to ten specialised coaches. He also wants to research the viability in securing a premises to accommodate a growing customer base. In the long term, Tim hopes to take Helix Performance Sports Science countrywide, bringing scientific sports analysis to the tens of thousands of teams of all codes nationally, all of whom would most certainly benefit.

In conclusion.

To summarize, “conquer average” is a modus operandi that Tim Frey utilizes in his approach with Helix Performance Sports Science. Mark and Tim, as directors, have only officially opened for business since early January and within a couple of weeks they had already attracted their first professional athlete in Steven McGarry of the Perth Glory football team. Steven was looking for a highlights video of himself from the previous season. Steven approached Mark Scanlon, and Mark delivered. And through Mark’s affiliation with Perth Glory and his work with the Melbourne Victory as an analyst, they have attracted ever more clients, another example being Shawn Billam of Perth Glory Women.

To have attracted athletes of this calibre to their cause, after a few months of operational life, should send a warning out to any potential rivals. This is a sound business with a bright future that delivers what it promises. Tim and Mark are highly qualified and confident young men, with a focused ambitious approach to business. They have a brilliant idea to bring professional sports science analysis to all people interested in improving their physical conditioning, normally out of reach  of the common man. It is my opinion, that Helix Performance Sport Science could change the face of physical training in Australia, in bringing professional expertise to the amateur sportsperson, at an affordable price.

You can visit Helix Performance Sport Science at:

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