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The Cream Of The Crop – 23rd Annual WAiTTA Finalists Announced

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The 23rd WAiTTA – Western Australian Information Technology and Telecommunications Awards Finalists have been announced.

It’s clear that we have another sensational team of innovators who will battle it out to gain their place in the national iAwards program and hopefully onto the Asia Pacific awards, APICTA.

The WAiTTA platform is an invaluable part of the Western Australia innovation scene. It provides its participants access to the best publicity that money CAN’T buy and limitless connections who will prove beneficial to our creative disruptors as they commercialise their ideas. Stimulating both our economy and our presence on the world map of development.

If you are any kind of entrepreneur, it is certainly worth while to become informed about these programmes as they are a key factor in launching your product or service on a global scale.

2103 22nd WAiTTA Industry Domain winners – ITC Global (Australia) Pty Ltd.
2013 22nd WAiTTA Industry Domain winners – ITC Global (Australia) Pty Ltd.


The 2014 Finalists are:


New Product:
• Amcom for Amcom Cloud Collaboration (ACC)
• WA Police & Kinetic IT for A new methodology for assessing a service called a ‘Service Quantity Survey’ (SQS)
• Norwood Systems for Cloud services platform CORONA (COrporate ROaming Network Access)
• Qualitem for Qualitem CMS (Content Management System)
• for Rainmaker cloud platform

Research & Development:
• University of Western Australia for Advanced Vision System for Automatic Shark Detection and Tracking
• Team Technology (WA) Pty Ltd for CELOSIA Enterprise and Internet Decision Support and Reporting Platform
• Prezentt Pty Ltd for Prezentt

• Department of Education WA & Kinetic IT for Schools Self Service (SSS)
• Ignia & WA Department of Housing for Know-It-All Business Intelligence Platform: Making smart decisions easy


• Norwood Systems for Cloud services platform CORONA (COrporate ROaming Network Access)
• BankWest for PRIME2 (Process Request Interface Mapping Engine V2)

• NEXTDC Limited for P1 Perth data centre
• ATCO I-Tek Australia for Field Mobility

• Ajilon Australia for Delay Accounting Automation Framework
• Rio Tinto for Rio Tinto Wireless 4G LTE Network in the Pilbara, Western Australia
• Esri Australia & CITIC Pacific Mining Management for CITIC Pacific Mining Management Permit to Excavate Tool

• iiNet & Readify for iiNet Toolbox3

• West Coast Institute for Live Works Animation Training Studio

• Ajilon & WA Police for Check My Crime (CMC)
• Ajilon, Landgate & NGIS for Locate (
• Ajilon & WA Police for Police Justice Information Exchange (PJIE)
• City of Perth Parking for CPP Mobile Application
• Microsoft & Department of Regional Development for Grants Management and Project Tracking System / Royalties for Regions Grants Online
• WA Police & Kinetic IT for Service Quantity Survey (SQS)

• Australian e-Health Research Centre, CSIRO for An Automated System for Age Related Macular Degeneration Screening Using Colour Fundus Imaging

• Mullaloo Surf Life Saving Club for Beach safety Command and Control System – Phase 1 tagged shark detection
• Bentech Assistive Technologies Inc. for Ben’s House Project

• Landgate & Edith Cowan University for FireWatch Pro and MyFireWatch – Delivering Fire Information to Regional Communities

• iVEC for CATAMI (Collaborative and Automated Tools for Analysis of Marine Imagery)
• Metronode Pty Ltd for Metronode’s Next-Generation ‘Green’ Data Centre


Postgraduate Tertiary Student:
• Mustafa Atee – Curtin University for Improving Pain Management amongst Patients with Dementia
• Umar Asif – University of Western Australia for Real-time segmentation and grasping of household objects in human living environments
• Stuart Speidel – University of Western Australia for REView

Tertiary Student Project:
• Robert Hollingshead – Curtin University for A Method of Identifying a Subset of Neural Units, using Machine Learning Algorithms, for Controlling Brain-computer Interface Systems
• Tom Horrocks – University of Western Australia for From Data to Strata: Recognising and Correlating Coal Seam Patterns across Wireline Logs
• Luke Brook – Edith Cowan University for Improving diagnosis of hearing loss in children: A new mobile bilateral audiology test for children
• Andrew Hope & Adrian Jurcevic – Edith Cowan University for Please Help
• Lene Sveen & Tim Barden-Brown – Curtin University for Postcare App
Stay tuned for more as the program progresses!

WAiTTA banner logo with new iAwards logo

Important dates:

Judging commences – 1.05.2014

Gala Dinner – 20.06.2014

Useful links: 


iAwards –


For enquiries please contact Stars Event Nanagement
Sue McLennan [email protected]

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