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Tap Into Safety Launch New Products

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Marcus Holmes

Tap into Safety held an interactive iPad tour showcasing their latest applications, demonstrating how far they have come the last 12 months. We’ve covered Tap into Safety previously as a strong WA startup led by Dr Sue Bahn, so the timing is perfect for our “Celebrating Women in Startup” week as well.

Tap into Safety started with two founders and four MVP applications on a mission to keep the everyday Jo safe. A successful Accelerating Commercialisation Grant and 12 months on they have developed eleven applications with increased user experience (UX), added analytics and expanded to a team of nine.

Tap Into SafetyTap into Safety have successfully developed two new safety training applications, one on Supervision & Safety Leadership (SSL) and the other on Wellbeing and Mental Health (WAA). Tap into Safety’s CEO Dr. Sue Bahn said:

“600,000 people are injured at work each year and we’re dedicated to making a difference to those workers. Keeping people safe at work, making sure mums and dads make it home each night, that is what we are all about.”

Tap into Safety are disrupting traditional classroom safety training and replacing it with a mobile, platform with a 360/180 degree interactive, panoramic photographic scenarios of real workplaces.

Tap into Safety applications combine leading research with gaming techniques and tactile interaction to create engaging user experiences to improve comprehension and retention of training. This has been proved to have significant positive improvements on injury and machinery damage frequencies.

“We’re giving Australian businesses access to the first use of this technology for safety in the world. Until now, interactive training has been out of reach for most businesses.”

Tap into Safety are a fast growing tech company disrupting the safety training industry. Tap into Safety develop mobile safety training applications with 360/180 degree interactive, panoramic photographic scenarios of real workplaces.

Jacob Keller, Lead Developer at Tap Into Safety doing a demo with Honourable Michael Mischin, Attorney-General of Western Australia.
Jacob Keller, Lead Developer at Tap Into Safety doing a demo with Honourable Michael Mischin, Attorney-General of Western Australia.

Tap into Safety deliver a suite of cross-platform applications that focus on the transition of safety training into safety practice, with the ultimate goal of keeping the everyday Jo safe. To see more, head to

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Picture of Marcus Holmes

Marcus Holmes

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