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Takeaways + Pix from West Tech Fest

Charlie Gunningham
Charlie Gunningham
// // Startup News were proud to be the media partner of the fantastic main conference day of West Tech Fest. Here's some takeaways...

// Startup News were proud to be the media partner of the fantastic main conference day of West Tech Fest. Here’s some takeaways…

An incredibly packed schedule saw the main conference day of West Tech Fest lay out no less than 32 speakers and panellists at the State Theatre on Wednesday.

Takeaways + Pix from West Tech Fest
Startup Founder panel: Nick Gainsley, Kali Norman, Amanda Price, Bill Tai + Penny Locaso

It’s impossible to capture all that content in one post, but here are some things that caught our eye, and for those of you who could not make it, and as a reminder for those who were there…

Andy Lark

Takeaways + Pix from West Tech Fest
Andy Lark

The former CMO of Commbank, Xero and Foxtel famously told startups:

Don’t hire a CMO and more managers, hire makers, seek love not likes! Hire videographers and programmers.

The moment of MOD (moment of doubt, dissatisfaction and desire) is important. Find these and solve them, as they release massive value.

You either enhance time or extend time (give time back). Figuring your customers purpose is key. Changing the way they FEEL is critical. Go back and discuss this with your teams.

Rachel Neumann

Takeaways + Pix from West Tech Fest
Rachel Neumann

The Head of Startups for Aus/NZ at AMS said:

We need the flywheel to complete a revolution where startups have exits, become investors and mentors to next generation of startups; people having 2nd and 3rd attempts. We’ve not seen that yet, so it will take more time.

Corporates have been bad at acquiring startups; when they have they’ve usually destroyed value and then retreated. They just need to do more of it. Get better at it.

Michelle Dickinson

Takeaways + Pix from West Tech Fest
Dr Michelle Dickinson

Founder of Nanogirl Labs and author had some great thoughts on innovation…

Google image the words “engineer” and “unprofessional hairstyles”. It’s disturbing isn’t it? These in built biasses.

We need to encourage diversity to get innovation. By downloading Google Chrome you are not acccepting what your device or PC comes with, which is a good predictor of innovation and success.

Successful entrepreneurs all have a strong personal story. Curiosity and play provides deep learning experiences. Most of successful have failed, dropped out, and this has pushed them to succeed. They took risks. They Play. Fail a lot. Play with Others. This is the key to startup success.

Investment pitch panel

Takeaways + Pix from West Tech Fest
Investor Panel: Larry Lopez with James Tynan, Jackie Vullinghs + Elaine Stead

Forget the pitch. Start the dialogue. Educate the investor.

Be great at telling your back story, and why what your doing matters. Develop your relationship building skills. Build relationships with everyone in the investment supply chain. Build friend relationships first, for years. Well before you want to raise money. Then you won’t need to pitch. And when you need to raise money, it won’t take long.

Yes, have a good pitch deck. You have the answers to those questions. But don’t ONLY do that.

Takeaways + Pix from West Tech Fest
Med Panel: Drs Carlo Bellini, Kath Giles, Kate Brooks and Marcus Tan


Startup News was a media sponsor of West Tech Fest. Main Image: Andy Lark.

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