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State Government launches $20K innovation vouchers for 2018

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Charlie Gunningham

Roll up, roll up! The WA state government is accepting applications for the $20K Innovation Vouchers Program…

Fancy a nice $20,000 grant from the WA government? Well, from tomorrow, and for the next month, applications are open for the state government’s Innovation Vouchers Program (IVP), which is part of the $16.7M New Industries Fund.

To seek more information, get yourself over to the New Industries website.

Applications close at 11am on Weds 28th March, and successful applicants will have access to the funds from July 1st 2018.

To quote from the New Industries website, “the program’s purpose is to:

  • assist in development of new or enhanced commercially ready products or services;
  • establish prototypes, processes or systems to attract further investment;
  • address a technical problem that cannot be solved by the applicant, or for which the solution is not readily available.”

Eligible SMEs can be awarded up to $20,000 each, and need to match it with a co-investment in proportion of at least 20:80. In other words, you need at least $5K to match the $20K. You can be undertaking R&D, project development, technology transfer & IP or commercialising support services.

Applications are submitted online at the Innovation Vouchers website.

Last year, 22 WA companies won innovation vouchers. They were …

  1. Ausplow Pty Ltd – granular air delivery system sectional control module
  2. Balconi Telecommunications – Balconi Smart Torch
  3. Coplin Corp Pty Ltd – KodeKLIX educational hardware
  4. Iris Biomedical – childbirth monitor
  5. Four Flags Pty Ltd – bulk explosive reduction device
  6. FRAME VR – Mechatron VR System
  7. GoPC Pty Ltd – BankVault
  8. HUMM Technologies – EDGE
  9. IMR Technologies Pty Ltd – SensaLink vehicle crash alert device
  10. MALDIID Pty Ltd – legume root nodule bacteria identification
  11. Natuva Pty Ltd – continuous process for natural liquid soap
  12. Nimble Equipment Pty Ltd – Nimble Storage System
  13. Orchid Valley Pet Caskets – end of life pet products
  14. People Diagnostix – flourishing at School – mental health measurements
  15. PumpEng Pty Ltd – JetGuard submersible pump
  16. Rytech Australia Pty Ltd – Sunovate – solar energy innovation
  17. Sagacious – Sage Repellent: natural & organic insect repellent
  18. Segnut Pty Ltd – Segnut’s fast removal nut
  19. Sherrard Pty Ltd – BinSpring commercialisation strategy
  20. Soter Analytics Pty Ltd – wearable technology for industrial safety
  21. Taste Black Gold – commercial black truffle processing
  22. Terra15 Pty Ltd – distributed vibration sensing on optical fibre cables

… this year, it could be you.

If interested, use the links on this page to seek more information. Perhaps talk to someone who got them last year – one of the 22 listed above –  and find out what they felt about the program or talk directly to Program Manager Sarah Pepi at IVP. More details below…


Innovation Vouchers Program:

  • Guidelines for Applicants (pdf) to see if you are eligible and when preparing your application;
  • Frequently Asked Questions (pdf) for further information on eligibility, application submission, funding options, service providers, grant values and more;
  • For all enquiries regarding the IVP contact Sarah Pepi, Program Manager at [email protected]

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Picture of Charlie Gunningham

Charlie Gunningham

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