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Startup News Kicks Off West Tech Fest With A New Look

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Jason Balchand
Startup News Kicks Off West Tech Fest With A New Look

West Tech Fest — arguably the biggest week in WA’s startup and innovation ecosystem every year. This year, it’s four days of events, kicking off with the official launch party on Sunday evening and West Tech Women breakfast on Monday morning. We’ll be at almost every event to bring you insights and commentary along the way. 

What better way to celebrate a week-long innovation festival than launching a new-look site? 

The fresh new look will be followed by several new content series due to launch in 2024. Here’s some insight into what to look forward to:

Expanding our podcast network

You’ve likely listened to many episodes of our Startup West podcast (hopefully all of them). It’s one of the top startup podcasts in Australia and will continue to be a voice for the ecosystem. Hosted by Danelle Cross and Chris Tan, it attracts some of the biggest and most entertaining names in the WA startup community. In 2024 and beyond, it will continue to do so, championing WA as the place to be for aspiring founders. 

To complement Startup West, we’ll also be launching two new podcast series. The first takes a look into the origin stories of some of Australia’s biggest, fastest-growing, and coolest startups, not just talking about the successes, but also the failures and constant learnings along the way. The second breaks down ideas; what inspires them, what makes them work, and what makes them fail. 

Stay tuned early in the new year for details on when they’ll be launching.

Founder stories

Storytelling will be a big addition to our content lineup for 2024. Highlighting what’s happening in WA startups is always going to be important and will continue be a cornerstone of what we do, but everyone loves a good story. We’ll be going deep with founders to provide insights into how they’ve built the companies they have. We’ll be discussing the hurdles they’ve overcome along the way and providing actionable insights into how they overcame them. We’ll be diving into the VC world and finding out what it really takes to get funded. This will be a fun educational series launching March next year.

A national audience

Startup News has always been about championing WA startups and showing everyone some of the best and most innovative ideas being built in the state. This won’t be changing any time soon and we want everyone outside of WA to also know that WA is the place to be for startups. 

In 2024, we’ll be on a mission to showcase WA’s best startup news to anyone who’ll listen throughout the rest of Australia. We not-so-secretly hope that this results in more VCs actively seeking deal-flow in the WA market. 

See you at West Tech Fest

For a guide to everything that’s on during West Tech Fest week, see here, and hopefully, we’ll see you at one or more of the events!

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Picture of Jason Balchand

Jason Balchand

Jason has been in the WA startup community for more than a decade, from mentoring at Startup Weekends to volunteering as Chair of StartupWA. He's also a co-founder of So Media Group, on a mission to champion the best of Perth and WA.
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