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Startup Muster 2015

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Marcus Holmes

The annual Startup Muster report gathers information about the startups and startup communities across Australia, and presents it all as one huge infographic which you can get here

In 2015, 1,333 responses were received to the second annual survey. Responses to the 71 questions were then manually verified, leaving 602 scalable startups in the dataset. The full report is available free of charge at

Startup Muster also has a new CEO, Monica Wulff, who co-founded the report with Murray Hurps, CEO of Fishburners in Sydney.

We checked with Monica about the huge number of NSW startups in the report, and whether this was natural bias because the report originates in Fishburners. Her response was:

The NSW estimate aligns with the proportions seen in the previous Startup Muster. We’ve done some validation behind the scenes, all things indicate that that’s reflective of the ecosystem. WA were great responders this year and we hope to see that again next year. Maybe everyone’s competitive natures will come out and the states will try to out do each other.
You can colour //Startup News a shade of lightly skeptical about this. From this side of the desert the report looks like it drastically underestimates the Melbourne and Brisbane communities. Perth coming in at just under 10% of the national scene sounds about right, though.
Get the report here. Something to talk about on Monday at the West Tech Fest… see you there!



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Picture of Marcus Holmes

Marcus Holmes

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