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Springboard – Celebrating WA’s Female Entrepreneurs

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Marcus Holmes

Springboard is an accelerator program focused around helping female entrepreneurs achieve their goals and grow their businesses. The 2016 cohort completed Bootcamp in May and is now in a phase of mentoring which will culminate in a “pitch session” to national and international investors in Sydney on 22nd August 2016. We take a look at the WA Springboard attendees.

These WA startups have attended Springboard, raising over $10 million between them (though we do not disclose individual raising amounts).

MagnePath (2014 Cohort)

MagnePath is a digital health company, with foundations in medical imaging. Magnepath offers the “next generation” technology of body analytics to map the health of the human body. Through advances in data analytics, they can now measure and map body composition at a cellular and molecular level, to provide a baseline picture of one’s health. Magnepath applications are available to imaging providers on a pay-as- you-go basis. Their goal? To put a true picture of your health in the palm of your hand.

Seqta Software – Sharon Grosser (2014 Cohort)

SEQTA Software was founded in 2006 by teachers, Sharon and Grant Grosser, as a result of their belief that the teaching profession deserved the best industry specific software that technology could deliver. Their vision was to build a web-based software application that allowed teachers to do all their daily teaching and administration tasks through a single interface. Today SEQTA is a comprehensive teaching and learning ecosystem that connects all members of a school, allowing teachers, administrators, students and parents to work together in an interactive, supportive, online community. The SEQTA team of 75 serves over 450 schools in Australia and South East Asia. Initially bootstrapped by Sharon and Grant, SEQTA has attracted significant private investment since launching its MVP in 2012.

MiPlan – Louise Daw (2014 Cohort)

MiPlan is a software provider focused on developing mobile operation management solutions. To date, MiPlan has enabled their clients to realise over $100m in productivity and cost savings and convert business to paperless real time data management hubs. Since 2010 MiPlan has experienced rapid growth and demand year on year as the solutions continue address critical business functions at all levels.

CourseGenius (previously PD On-Line) – Sarah Mateljan (2015 Cohort)

CourseGenius empowers any organisation to easily create, sell, deliver and track online courses in one cloud-based platform. Our mission is to make online training easy for everyone. The CourseGenius platform is built for people who are new to online learning or from a non-technical background. Our easy drag-and- drop course authoring tool enables anyone to create engaging online training using video, audio, images, text, quiz questions and interactive elements. All online training built in the CourseGenius platform scales automatically for delivery to smartphones, tablets or desktop computers, providing an exciting on-the- go training option. And with our built-in eCommerce engine businesses can even monetize their online training content.

One VR (Previously Virtualiis) – Rebecca Lee (2015 Cohort)

OneVR is a software development company focused on creating smart applications connecting Augmented Reality (“AR”) & Virtual Reality (“VR”) to commercial outcomes. oneVR is currently planning the launch and seeking partners for our Virtual Marketing application called “Virtualiis”. This platform is a virtual marketing campaign creator that allows businesses to advertise products through virtual reality tours. Image if you walked pass an apartment for sale and you could experience a virtual walk through right there and then, imagine if you could see a bill board of the latest Nike shoes, and you could experience there shape and look in 3d right there and then? We’re giving advertising and marketing agencies the power to promote and increase sales with virtual campaigns.

Kinchip – Catherine Resnick (2016 Cohort)

KinChip Systems Pty Ltd is an Australian Digital Health company. It’s lead product, KINDOM™ provides personalized decision support to parents and service providers, improving capabilities and delivering better outcomes for children.

Integrating the latest in Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities, KINDOM™ is uniquely positioned to benefit from the growth of genomics and precision medicine as well as the paradigm shift from illness to wellness models in healthcare.

Through KINDOM™’s market leading care circle capability, parents can effectively communicate and coordinate care with health and education providers and gain an overview and meaningful insights into the developmental journey of each family member over time and how they interrelate.

KINDOM™’s consumer centric approach means that parents maintain control of their data and who gets to see it, bypassing the institutional and regulatory challenges that otherwise inhibit data sharing and collaboration between care providers. This improves child development outcomes whilst reducing costs, over-servicing and misdiagnosis.

Social.Folio – Tori Bowman (2016 Cohort)

Social.Folio is digital platform designed to exaggerate the power of social media within the modelling & wider talent management industry.

Social.Folio (the app) is the first product to be released by the company. S.F is a portfolio app designed to allow models & talent (i.e. actors, musicians, influencers, creative & artists) to showcase the entirety of their work. Photography, video, web links & most importantly – their social media reach in real-time i.e. the number of their followers across Instagram, Twitter & Facebook.

The platform was created after an industry dialogue started to include comments such as… “If a model happens to come with a few thousand or a few million followers, that’s amazing for brands. Especially if you’re a brand that wants to target a new, younger demographic, you’d have to consider [hiring] those girls in a second.” Lauren Brown, Harpers Bazaar

Springboard are currently looking for sponsors for their 2016 cohort. If you or your company would like to get involved, Contact Sheryl Frame, WA Board Member of Springboard Enterprise Australia on [email protected] or Aurora Voss in Sydney on [email protected]

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Picture of Marcus Holmes

Marcus Holmes

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