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Soto Co opens to the public

Picture of Desiree Durrani
Desiree Durrani
// // A new co-working space and community hub has taken up residence in the bustling café strip of Mt Lawley

Soto Co is pitching itself as a cool, new community hub for entrepreneurs, early-stage startups, creatives and Mt Lawley locals who want to be immersed in a dynamic environment and form connections.

With a vision of connecting business owners, entrepreneurs and creatives of Mount Lawley and surrounds, the space offers a 25 seat co-working environment that includes both permanent and hot desk style office options, with opportunities to attend events focused on businesses and personal growth delivered by industry experts in strategy and marketing.

The idea is for it to provide individuals and small teams the opportunity to work amongst like-minded people, while getting guidance and support from the Soto Co-founders Arna Jade and Matthew Crouch (Matt).

Arna is well known in Perth’s startup scene, having been one of the people behind the Northbridge Hub in Money Street a few years ago. She has been off to the US and back in the meantime, but has re-settled back in Perth with her partner Matt.

Arna is an expert business planner with over 20 years of experience as a startup funding facilitator and growth strategist. Matt is a branding guru, web designer and marketing whiz with over a decade of experience in Australia and the UK. 

Opening its doors on 1 October 2021, the space has already welcomed users from diverse industries and is now focusing on offering value back to the startup and creative community.

Soto Co opens to the public
Soto Co’s funky new collaborative space, the “Community Hub”. Image Supplied.

Unlike other co-working spaces specifically targeting tech or creatives, Soto Co plans to offer a comfortable space for all to feel welcome. Members are encouraged to network together, and those already in the space range from video game designers to bookkeepers.

Co-Founder Matt says opening Soto Co to the public has been “an exciting journey”.

What initially started as just looking for office space for Soto Group with some extra desk space for our clients to come and work with us, naturally  morphed into an environment that is adding value to start-up businesses and local creatives.

Matt Crouch
Soto Co opens to the public
Soto Co space offering to those that prefer a more private ambience. Image supplied.

The space provides an opportunity for members to knuckle down and be productive, but also brainstorm with the hub community and be in a constant environment that encourages creative thinking and innovation. 

Soto Co ‘Perks Program’

Members of Soto Co are entitled to exclusive access to their “Perks Program” which is a collective of discounts and special offers such as:

  • 10% off the total bill at Meet&Bun when buying a burger,
  • 50% off at the Baxter’s Supper Club,
  • 20% off Church+Osborne Pod Signage,
  • 15% off of a 3-month commitment to Soto Group‘s Marketing Services,
  • and many more.

Members also have access to training and education sessions focusing on marketing, business planning, financial guidance, encouraging creative thinking, innovation, and many other topics.

Soto Co opens to the public
Soto Co Communal Kitchen. Image Supplied.

Soto Co Free Events

Soto Co will be running a series of free events until the end of this year to celebrate the  launch of the space, the first of which are:

  • Burgers, Beers & Branding – an industry deep dive into the current state of play in branding, coupled with delicious burgers from local business Meet and Bun. 
  • Wisdom & Wine Wednesdays – an event for women looking to connect with a panel of female speakers who discuss how they found their passion, their stories and  advice for women in early stage businesses looking to grow.

Soto Co Membership

Membership options range depending on how many days per month, starting at $50 per month up to $450 per month.

Soto Co
Images supplied

The Community Membership is great for those who want to pop in and out during usual business hours to get some space and focus on a project, or for university students who want to study in a different, distraction-free environment from their school library or at home. 

The idea is to create a vibrant, collaborative space for our clients, local business owners, creatives and just anyone sick of working from home, to encourage creative thinking and  promote the idea of joining forces amongst so many bright individuals.

Arna Jade


To book a tour or enquire about Soto Co, visit their website.

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Picture of Desiree Durrani

Desiree Durrani

When not working on a creative project or typing away behind a screen, Desiree can be found watching the football (the round one!), volunteering at motorsport events in Western Australia or listening to "Rock DJ" on repeat.
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