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Soter Analytics develops new Al ergo tech

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// // Soter Analytics aims to make even the most hazardous industries safer for all workers.

Workplace ergonomic injuries such as back and shoulder disorders are a worldwide problem with $140 billion annual cost in developed countries alone.

With 2-3% of workers suffering back and shoulder injuries each year, WA startup Soter Analytics has developed ‘SoterTask‘, an AI-driven visual processing product that is an “impartial observer” when performing task risk assessment.

The tech uses a cloud-based solution that combines video captured through their mobile application with AI-driven data analysis to accurately measure risk movements in the workplace and help you to ​implement controls that keep your workforce safe.

Founded in Perth in 2015, the company has exponentially grown to become a multinational ergonomic technology company that is deploying life-saving risk assessments to keep the workers safe in some of the most dangerous sectors such as construction and manufacturing.

SoterTask is said to provide a “second unbiased eye” and labour-saving features that not only decrease the workload on safety professionals but significantly increases the safety of their workers.

Soter Analytics develops new Al ergo tech
SoterTask: How it works. Image Supplied.

Matthew Hart, CEO and founder of Soter Analytics believes that this solution is perfect for organisations that are heavily invested in the safety of their workers.

This innovation goes beyond a pet project for organisations investing in the safety of our workers. Sotertask is a revolutionary, serious INITIATIVE that streamlines and speeds up ergonomic assessments providing easy to read reports with objective data to assist OBSERVATIONAL techniques and increases the safety of workers.

Matthew Hart, CEO and Founder

Performing risk assessments on individual tasks in the workplace is part of hazard identification processes to keep workers safe. Typically, assessments are carried out by safety professional and can be subjective and laborious with long ergo reporting requirements. But with SoterTask, the ‘human bias’ is taken out and replaced with AI vision processing software.

Needing only a smart device, the application can be applied on the go and requires no special tools or sensors.

The video software provides a visual overlay highlighting high-risk angles and movements of a worker’s body including legs, arms, neck and back on a second-by-second chart. The impartial eye assists with any perceptual or inattentional blindness and confirmation bias, both of which involve factors that influence standard observational techniques.

Soter Analytics develops new Al ergo tech
SoterTask interface analysis. Image supplied.

The interface and dashboard provide analysis of risks and integrate all industry ergo tools, displaying side-by-side risk comparisons for pre and post-intervention implementations. The tool also presents detailed reports with key improvements metrics for distribution and follow-up.

No rest for Soter Analytics

The company also recently announced the release of the world’s only ATEX-certified ergonomic safety wearable device for workers in high hazard industries in the European Union, Australia and the United States.

Soter Analytics develops new Al ergo tech
The SoterCoach Device. Image Credit: Business Wire

Weighing at only 20g and 2x3cm in size, this tiny wearable contains multi-pronged features to prevent back and shoulder injuries. Starting with the user, the device provides personalized training with real-time biofeedback choices from audible, vibro-tactile, and visual and offering on-the-job, micro learning manual handling tutorials.

All the data collected is available on an accompanying smartphone app as well as a dashboard for management, showcasing key metrics on an aggregated or individual level.

Alexey Pavlenko, CTO and co-founder of Soter Analytics believes that this device is the first step to their goal of building the “world’s first end-to-end ergonomic injury prevention program”.

Aside from the technology increasing worker wellbeing and promoting behavioral change with its personalized coaching, the data collected on a company and individual level provides insights that pinpoint areas of risk on an ongoing basis, ensuring the continuation of safe practices.


To find out more about SoterTask, click here.

Visit their website to find out more about their other products, including SoterCoach.

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Picture of Desiree Durrani

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