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SNAP #3 – Learn Why Startups Need To Pitch And How To Hack EventBrite Tickets

Patrick Green
Patrick Green

When you think about it, why do Startups go through this pitching thing, standing up in front of people, struggling through trying to describe what they do.  Why is it needed at all.  Let Marcus explain.

Here is a video we shot at SNAP #3 on the 27th August 2014 at Atomic Sky.  Also, you can check out some of the folks that attended.  And as always, if you know someone in a photo, leave a comment.

Marcus: this was literally thrown together in a half-hour that morning (we got let down by a speaker), so please excuse me putting my speaker notes on the slides and winging it so much! Also, we’re serious about needing help with running SNAP, so if you think you’d like to help run it, please let us know. Here are the slides from the presentation.  yes we know we should use Prezentt!

The winner!

Our crowd favourite pitch was by Stuart Hall with Appbot, he gave an amazingly presentation, his slides were awesome, his product Appbot showed great growth and the product market fit was very well identified. Well done on winning my LEAP Motion controller, we look forward to hearing your thoughts on it.

Our runner up was Rahman Memon with Easy Trace, a well presented app for storing and managing your receipts, expenses and warranty information.

Special guest.

We also heard from Claire McGregor (@clairesayshi) on how to hack your EventBrite tickets for better attendance. We will be running that video shortly. Beer and pizza were mentioned.

Thanks everyone for coming, it was a blast, I hope you like the photos, and see you next time. Our newly hacked EventBrite tickets will be for sale soon.


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