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Sam Mead Joins Atomic Sky as Startup Advisor

Patrick Green
Patrick Green
// Good news for local startups looking to learn the tricks of the trade from someone who has been through it.

Good news for local startups looking to learn the tricks of the trade from someone who has learned them the hard way.

Sam MeadAtomic Sky this week announced that Sam Mead was coming on board as their startup adviser, working with founders and entrepreneurs on some of the challenges that present themselves to early stage tech startups.

Who is Sam? The following is from the Atomic Sky website.

“My experience in the startup world has all been gained at the pointy end of the stick; in 2011 I cofounded my first company with some friends from university. It didn’t go too well, and it only lasted six months, but hard lessons learned helped my second startup, Saberr, become a much more successful endeavour.

After two small funding rounds, a successful MVP launch and securing our first enterprise client, Saberr spent 12 months as part of the Seedcamp accelerator in London. Our time at the Google Campus as part of the Seedcamp family culminated in our third fundraising round and our effective graduation from the accelerator phase.

I have since moved to Perth and taken on a reduced role within Saberr, which is allowing me to focus more on my passion for early stage startups.”

Sam will be helping startups with;

  • Customer development & market research (i.e. determining if your great idea can translate into a viable business)
  • The never ending pursuit of product market fit,
  • How and why you should be lean,
  • How and why you shouldn’t be lean (!),
  • Pitching (to both clients and investors), and,
  • How to deal with seed and series A stage investors.

Through December and January Sam will be working from Tech Hub two days per week. You can get in touch with Sam via email or Twitter.

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