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// // A Perth-based workplace training provider demonstrates how small businesses can overcome obstacles in the current economic climate and differentiate successfully...

// A Perth-based workplace training provider demonstrates how small businesses can overcome obstacles in the current economic climate and differentiate successfully…

Tap into Safety, founded in 2014 by Dr Susanne Bahn and Geoff Bahn, is a training platform that provides out-of-the-box custom-built safety and mental health training content.

Whilst mandatory safety training and site inductions were common, the founders knew that many workplace incidents arise from inexperience, hazard blindness and worker stress. The customised content Tap into Safety provides includes training on 360-degree panoramic scenes of client worksites to train employees that perform high-risk tasks.

However, once Covid-19 occurred, primarily due to travel restrictions and social distancing rules, Tap into Safety couldn’t access the sites of their clients. In addition to this, various types of training such as inductions, hazard awareness and verification of competencies now needed to be done online.

The company embarked on a mission to adjust the training content management system – alongside the reporting back end training flow for the user – in order to provide interactive training that does not require panoramic scenes.

Safely thriving
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“We needed to significantly extend our content to off-set most of the costs for clients”, says Dr Susanne Bahn, CEO and Director of Tap Into Safety.

Tap into Safety is now developing generic safety content with 30 plus modules due to be completed prior to the end of the year.

“We had to continue to develop a model that produces comprehensive safety GAP analysis reports to help organisations remain compliant for high-risk tasks. Any change to our training flow affects the end reports so we incurred significant costs to make the changes we needed to support our customers.”

Susanne Bahn

As much of their training content is highly transferable especially in high-risk industries such as constructions, infrastructure, warehousing, transport and mining the company is now edging closer to a global expansion.

A notable part of Tap Into Safety’s training content is mental health training.

A recent ABS report into the Household Impacts of Covid-19 has revealed that one in seven Australians report their mental health as fair or poor, higher than in pre-COVID times. Seven new courses designed to tackle mental health issues brought on by the pandemic are now available on their platform.

These changes were facilitated by the $10 000 Small Business Relief grant program made possible by the Council of Small Business Organisations Australia and Salesforce, which helped offset the costs of re-coding their training platform.

Sixty-seven businesses have now received the one-off grants designed to help them overcome challenges presented by the Covid-19 pandemic.

“We’ve seen many Australian small businesses work to stabilise their businesses, to reimagine how they operate and to find new ways to connect with their customers. As we look to the next phases of reopening many parts of our society, small businesses like Tap into Safety are finding new ways to stabilise and grow.”

Adrian Towesy, Area Vice President, SMB, Salesforce


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Picture of Liam Wignell

Liam Wignell

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