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Ronan Reckons Jobs And Services Can Help You Get It Done

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Patrick Green
// Today's Startup is about solving the perennial problem of getting things done. It's a tough market but I think entrepreneur Ronan's passion and commitment to the idea will see it through. Time poor readers, go use it!

Today’s Startup is about solving the perennial problem of getting things done. It’s a tough market but I think entrepreneur Ronan’s passion and commitment to the idea will see it through. Time poor readers, go use it!

Name: Ronan Brayjobs-and-services-logo
Startup Name: Jobs and Services
Website Address:
Launch Date: Launched in January 2014

In 100 words or less, explain your startups purpose.

To provide the entire community with a simple, fast and effective online solution for getting any type of job done faster and cheaper by connecting them with a relevant service provider who can earn some extra money and find some extra work. Jobs and Services is a free solution and separates itself from existing platforms by not charging service providers for advertising and not limiting the community to select service providers.

How will you fund and grow your startup?

The startup has been broken into several development phases. Phase 1 involved the development of a functional website and establishing a social media presence which is the most expensive phase and has been 100% self funded. Phase 2 will look at the investment into paid advertising to spread the word and drive traffic to the site which will be a combination of internal and external funding (currently being discussed). Phase 3 will include the development of additional functionality both on the web and mobile which will also look to internal and external funding.

Whats so hard about your startup idea anyway?

There are existing solutions which may not directly compete with Jobs and Services but they do indirectly compete with it. These solutions are very established and have lots of funding to promote and support them each day. Being a new idea, having to think about every functional aspect from both end user point of views was an extremely time consuming process that had to be reassessed for months on end. Whilst the idea may appear simple it required a lot of time, effort and funding, which remains an ongoing challenge.

Why would I choose you and not your competitor(c’mon, everyone has one)?

Jobs and Services was born out of consumer frustration and has therefore been designed as a consumer solution.

Unlike our indirect competitors, Jobs and Services is completely free and uses a clean, modern and easy to use layout to allow people of all technical backgrounds to utilise the service. It is also a solution dedicated to the exchange of peoples jobs, trades and services rather than acting as a posting board mixed in with products for sale.

You can use Jobs and Services no matter who you are. People can post jobs for things they don’t need right away (e.g. bathroom renovation, tax claims etc.) and decide who they want based on the quotes they receive and people can also post their services if they are looking for some extra work and money. Service providers can also be automatically notified of new jobs which have been posted immediately or receive a daily or weekly summary of all jobs matching their service. All visitors can search for jobs and services and apply a range of search criteria to simplify the process.

Unlike our competition we don’t restrict you to a number of service providers for your job, you can choose the service provider yourself by searching across a range of criteria such as location, price, experience, qualifications, reviews and ratings or wait for them to contact you.

Best of all it is 100% free for everyone, so why wouldn’t you use it?

What’s the most important tool, resource, person or anything that enabled you to launch your startup?

Finding the right people who saw my vision and goals and wanted to help me get there. It took three versions of the site from three different people/companies for it to work and I learnt a lot of valuable lessons about business along the way. If Jobs and Services had been around when trying to find the right resources that would have helped!

What was the best advice you ever got about your startup, and who from?

From my family and that was to phase the project out and if doing something, to do it right. I spoke with people regularly about my idea and where it was at to get advice along the way. Everyone’s feedback was extremely helpful but my detailed meetings with my family helped the most.

Who are the other founders in your team and what do they do?

I am the sole founder of Jobs and Services.

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Patrick Green

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