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Rocket Launcher wins dig award, transforms into tech startup

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Rocket Launcher
// // The digital marketing company is launching 'Rocket Launcher Tech' and looking to transform itself and its service offering...

Perth-based marketing consultancy Rocket Launcher has clinched the Digital Innovation & Marketing Award at the Rockingham Kwinana Chamber of Commerce 2023 Mineral Resources Business Awards.

“We are thrilled and deeply honoured to receive the Award,” said Justin Barnes, founder of Rocket Launcher, a company that works with a lot of startups in WA.

This accolade affirms our constant pursuit of innovation, our client-centric approach, and our resolute commitment to reshaping businesses through strategic marketing.

Justin Barnes

Over 3 years Rocket Launcher has built data and sector-driven insights and modules to support its clients.

Building on this award, the company is embarking on a new phase with the development of ‘Rocket Launcher Tech’. This technology will look to harness the power of AI, data analytics to empower businesses of all sizes, claims the company.

The aim is to help businesses drive business growth and empower startups to SMEs. In so doing, Rocket Launcher will look to transform itself from a traditional consultancy into a tech company.

Rocket Launcher wins dig award, transforms into tech startup
Justin Barnes. Image supplied.

“In 2021 I quickly realised that the big problem with the ‘marketing’ word is the lack of understanding business people have for marketing versus the expense, the outcome and a vastly difficult landscape we live in from a Technological perspective (increasing the confusion),” Justin told Startup News.

“I found this Martech 5000 report which outlined at the time the breakdown of marketing software. This confusing landscape and the lack of regulation around marketing in the industry means that businesses tend to have many bad experiences – marketing is like the ‘Wild Wild West’ of business.

“We are trying to solve these problems through our strategic approach to marketing. We have broken down sectors, target audiences and a range of techniques to grow business that are then directly related to various actions. Strategy before Actions, Empowering business through strategy so they understand what opportunity they have. This has been the main goal.

“The Rocket Launcher Tech is the next phase. We do all of the above from a consulting perspective now but translating it into tech, making Rocket Launcher a tech startup is the next evolution. This will mean a large variety of businesses can access the tech for support while at the same time using the tech to get support (we will offer services through the platform too).”


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