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Real Time Shark Alerts A Feature Of New Perth Grown Lifestyle App

Patrick Green
Patrick Green

iKoast Maps Favourite Coastal Activities and Facilities While Delivering Critical Alerts As-They-Happen

Western Australia’s love of the beach and great outdoors has inspired a local man to develop an app that pins the location of everything coastal – from local boat ramps to the Sorrento Seal, dive spots to shark sightings – all on a single interactive map.

The Perth-based technology startup today announced the launch of its free app available for download on Apple and Android devices.

iKoast is Australia’s first community-based lifestyle app that maps our favourite activities and facilities along the entire coast. Users who sign up for the app can simply use the map to plan their next adventure or add their own activity pins to share local attractions with the wider community.

iKoast App
iKoast App

iKoast also offers an alert function allowing users to pin critical coastal warnings using their phone’s geo location. Users can be notified of beach closures, rips, shark sightings, weather conditions or marine life appearances – the very second it happens.

Unlike other beach safety apps, users can instantly and directly pin shark sightings on a visual map for everyone to see. The app then pushes the real-time notification to other users who have signed up to receive that alert. It remains live for 30 minutes before it’s added to historical data, which users can access at any time to assess any beach. Users can also post live photos, questions or comments in response to the alert.

Darren Ellis, President of WA Kitesurfing Association is a proud supporter of the app.

“We’re very excited to see iKoast launch this summer,” says Darren. “Not only does it connect everything we love about the coast – it also invites the community to play an active role in keeping our beaches safe.”

iKoast founder, Paul Holliday, was originally inspired to create the app as a way to share sightings of Australia’s beautiful marine life. “When you witness something extraordinary on the coast, you can’t spread the word quickly enough,” says Paul. “However, the same applies to beach safety warnings – we need the community to work together to remain active and alert.”

iKoast is a user generated app that relies on the contribution and participation of the wider community.

iKoast would like to thank their key supporters: City of Joondalup, WA Kitesurfing Association, SharkShield, Mullalloo Beach Hotel.

iKoast Features

  • Activity pins map the exact location of coastal activities, facilities and businesses
  • Alert pins notify the community of real-time conditions such as weather warnings, shark sightings, rips, or beach closures
  • Business pins can offer flash promotions to nearby users
  • All pins and alerts are user generated
  • Customise map by selecting activities and alerts of interest
  • Social networking function allow users to post information, photos, comments
  • Check historical alerts to make informed decisions on where it is safe to swim
  • Available for download on the App Store and Google Play
  • iKoast 1.0 requires IOS 6.0 or later

About iKoast

iKoast is a free, community-based lifestyle app that connects Aussies who share a love for the coast. iKoast invites you to share your local hot spots, while offering your eyes and ears to help keep our beaches safe.

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