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Ralleo Launch

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Marcus Holmes

Ralleo is a new SaaS product that deals with Change Management in Enterprise organisations. We attended the launch this morning at Microsoft. Here’s the Press Release

Change in business is increasing due to technology, completion and disruptive market forces. Organisational change is complex, costly and often inefficient but new Australian purpose built software makes managing change easier.

Launching today, Ralleo provides a new way for organizations to manage change to drive better business outcomes.Ralleo 3

When growing and transforming within competitive environments, organisations who better manage change will realise the benefits of success. Technology alone will not generate business value – success relies on people engaging with and adopting changes across an organisation.

Ralleo helps people managing change and decision-makers drive better business outcomes by providing actionable metrics, engagement schedules, business impact, and resourcing analytics through the collection and aggregation of real-time change data.

“With the increasing rate and volume of change, tracking and managing organisational change is getting harder and more complex,” said CEO of Ralleo, Joe Hutton. “We are proud to present Ralleo as an enterprise solution to help organisations and teams to proactively manage change to achieve better business outcomes.”

Hosted on the Microsoft Azure platform, Ralleo features built-in security and redundancy, and allows organisations to specify the geographic location of their data, ensuring data sovereignty.Ralleo on a laptop 2

Ralleo’s key features include:

  • Business Impact: Dashboards reflect the impact change initiatives and projects will have on the business; can be filtered by complexity, investment, commitment, change activity and business area.
  • Change Metrics: Easily review and analyse real-time change information across an organisation; can be filtered by complexity, compliance, schedule, commitment, resourcing, and investment.
  • Change Schedule: See when change initiatives and projects intersect with business areas, making business engagement planning easier.
  • Resourcing and Utilisation: Allocate change people to change initiatives, and increase resource efficiency by identifying resource shortages to ensure successful project delivery.
  • Real time health status: Allows you to focus on the changes that require attention, enabling proactive management of change.

“In order to grow and survive in today’s competitive environment, our customers rely on innovative solutions such as Ralleo to build their enterprise change management capabilities,” said Alistair Lowe-Norris, Director, Adoption and Change Management Program at Microsoft Corp.

“We are pleased that Ralleo helps Microsoft customers build this capability by providing a holistic view of change and its real-time impact across different areas of the business.”

Ralleo is available to organisations as a monthly SaaS subscription from

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Picture of Marcus Holmes

Marcus Holmes

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