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Pointerra Signs Trial Licence Agreement with CR Kennedy

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Pointerra has announced that it has signed a trial licence agreement with CR Kennedy & Co as part of the Company’s strategy to sell Pointerra’s DaaS solution.

CR Kennedy & Co is Australia’s oldest and largest national importer and distributor of surveying equipment, including 3D laser scanners from leading global manufacturers Leica Geosystems and Riegl Laser Measurement Systems.

CR Kennedy & Co also distributes Leica’s 3D point cloud software, and in a further endorsement of the Company’s technology, has recognised Pointerra’s DaaS solution as a complimentary fit to the entire solution set from scanning to processing, visualising, sharing and modelling from 3D point cloud datasets.

In addition to the Company’s DaaS solution, Pointerra’s vision of creating a global marketplace for 3D data requires key industry participants like CRK to adopt, endorse and resell our technology. We are challenging the way 3D capture organisations think about their business models, with surveyors now able to utilise surplus capacity to create their own valuable datasets for on-sale through Pointerra’s marketplace, in addition to selling our DaaS solution into their existing customer base.

Pointerra’s commercialisation strategy creates important early-stage revenue from DaaS sales whilst at the same time building an ultimately more valuable asset for the Company – paid custody of truly massive amounts of 3D data with motivated data owners happy to be part of a marketplace for their data, which will see them benefit financially from Pointerra on-selling their data to 3rd party customers.

Significantly, this model can also be replicated internationally. Pointerra expects to move quickly from the initial trial into a formal reseller arrangement with CRK, which will provide an important and efficient distributed sales platform for the Company’s innovative 3D point cloud management software in Australia and New Zealand.

Robert Kennedy, Director of CRK said “We see real value in Pointerra’s DaaS solution in solving one of the biggest problems associated with 3D capture, being the efficient storage, visualisation and sharing of these massive datasets. Pointerra’s solution is a cost-effective, easy to use way for our customers to better leverage the use of 3D laser scanning technology and drive democratisation of 3D data across enterprise.”

Pointerra’s Managing Director, Ian Olson said “We are working with global manufacturers of 3D laser scanning and LiDAR hardware to get our solution adopted as a “must have” for surveyors and enterprise customers when making hardware purchases so to get CR Kennedy on board so quickly is a great endorsement of our solution and their role in leading the adoption of emerging technology in the rapidly evolving geospatial marketplace.”

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