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// If you like picking locks (for a hobby), these boys are the key.

If you like picking locks (for a hobby), these boys are the key.

I know this is a bit offbeat, but locks are like debugging code to me, the mystery, working out how something ticks, slowly making a blackbox into a whitebox, until – click. the code is solved, the bug is squashed, the lock is picked. This is a couple of local lads I found in my local startup search, and I felt I should tell you about them. So here is a little about locks.
PickPals - Lock Picking Supplies For Sport

Hey and welcome to PickPals!

We’re a new business offering high quality lockpicks and other picking related products.

If you have any queries at all, please do not hesitate to contact us using our contact form – we will aim to get back to you within the next business day.

Introduction & Rules

So, you’re interested in lock picking hey? Maybe just curious? Well, lock sport is a hobby shared by many people worldwide and is growing rapidly in Australia.

First we need to establish a couple of rules shared by pretty much every lock sport association worldwide:

1. Never pick a lock you don’t own without the owner’s permission
2. Never pick a lock in use

The first rule is pretty understandable, the second needs some minor explanation. When you attempt to pick a lock you are exploiting weaknesses in the design, it is completely possible that in doing so you will damage or break the lock. You don’t want this to happen to any lock that is actively in use. Do not practice on your front door, windows, car or anything else that is actively used. If you lock yourself out of your house: call a locksmith.

There are plenty of other rules published by different associations, this one published by is very good and covers most of the important points.

You should also be aware of the law regarding possession of lock picks in your state. This document outlines it very well, read from page 17 onwards.

Read more about lock picking in our guide.

Can I say that when I mentioned picking locks, it was actually nothing more than my suitcase lock, but still quite exciting.

via PickPals – Great lockpicks, great prices, free shipping within Australia.

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