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Perth 4 Hour Work Week Meetup Launched Last Night

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Patrick Green

Nick Teulon last night launched a meetup founded on the 4 Hour Work Week, 80/20 Pareto principle for people wishing to simplify their life whilst achieving extraordinary results in entrepreneurship, health, well being, and skill learning.

Hosted on level 9 of Spacecubed 45, the attendance numbers certainly proved the demand for such a group. These meetups are held in 14 other locations around the world, so Nick was hoping to find similar interest here in Perth.

The group is for people already using the 80/20 rule in day to day life with an emphasis on entrepreneurship and has a goal of sharing knowledge that underpins the that rule to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes of efficiency and lean driven success.

The group is aimed at;

– Highly motivated humans looking to share trade secrets in improving efficiency in career, entrepreneurship and daily tasks
– Open minded & resourceful
– Willing to share and collaborate

And is looking to avoid;

– People with a “Get rich quick” attitude
– Big Ideas with no execution
– A “fad” culture

To find out more or RSVP for the next one, visit the Perth 4 Hour Work Week Meetup Group. We also grabbed some snaps and tweets below.

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Picture of Patrick Green

Patrick Green

Patrick is the co-founder and co-editor of Startup News. With a history in software and startups, he gets a kick out of seeing other peoples ideas come to life.
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