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Neerabup’s new world-leading facility

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Desiree Durrani
Neerabup Industrial Park
// // The Australian Automation and Robotics Precinct promises to be the first of its kind in Australia and world-leading.

A boost has come to the northern suburbs with the announcement of the Australian Automation and Robotics Precinct (AARP), planned to be one of the biggest test facilities of its kind in the world.

Located in Neerabup 40km north of Perth CBD, the precinct will serve as a development and testing ground for the future of automation, robotics systems and remote operations in Western Australia, opening the door for future startups to take advantage of the AARP.

A broad range of industries including mining and resources, defence, oil and gas, agriculture, space, logistics, construction, advanced manufacturing and the education sector are expected to use AARP.

The facility will span over a 50-hectare site that will provide suppliers and operators of automation and robotics equipment or systems access to specialist infrastructure which includes:

  • common user test beds with multiple areas and roadways for physical testing
  • common user facility operation building, and
  • facilities that support research and development.
Neerabup's new world-leading facility
The proposed facility layout. Credit: Development WA YouTube.

Minister for Lands Hon. Dr. Tony Buti MLA believes that the AARP marks a “huge step” towards preparing WA’s economy for the future.

The creation of this technological hub will support innovation and underpin a diversified and future-ready economy that delivers secure jobs across a broad range of industries. (IT WILL) provide exciting opportunities for a diverse range of WA industries to collaborate, share skills and expertise.

IMportantly, the flexible nature of this innovative precinct will ensure WEstern Australian industries are ready to capitalise on emerging trends across the globe and continue to build our local expertise.

Minister for Lands Hon. Dr. Tony Buti MLA

With $20 million promised by the state government towards the precinct as part of its WA Recovery Plan, the development of the facility will create at least 70 construction jobs over the next three years of building and up to 5,000 ongoing jobs in the fields of robotics, automation and remote operations.

These facilities are anticipated to enable companies and researchers the opportunity to accelerate technology and analytics testing and scaling without interrupting on-site production and activities.

This development has been met with praise from Sabine Winton MLA (Wanneroo) who called it “great news”. She said that it was hoped this facility would “provide exciting job opportunities in the developing automation and robotics industry for young people close to home”.

The site has the potential to expand to 94-hectares to accommodate future growth and will not be sub-divided, remaining a long-term common user facility asset for WA companies and startups.

An Industry Advisory Group has also been established. Meanwhile, the AARP will collaborate with university and industry research sectors by offering Doctoral top-up scholarships for projects that support the WA economy and the precinct’s objectives.

The AARP will also support the resources industry’s bid to transition to Net Zero Carbon status by providing facilities for the testing of our new technologies.


For further information of the AARP, visit the Development WA website.

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Picture of Desiree Durrani

Desiree Durrani

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