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Keeping Santa’s smile sparkling with seamless dental tech

Henry Thai
Henry Thai
// // The brainchild of two dentists is set to make trips to the dentist that much easier…

// The brainchild of two dentists is set to make trips to the dentist much easier…

WARNING! Terrible Christmas Cracker joke:
What time is it when you need to visit the dentist?
Tooth Hurty! 🦷🤣🎅

Milk may be great for Santa’s pearly whites, but those chocolate chip cookies less so.

Those sugary treats – and other causes too – are hitting Australians hard.

Australian Government data shows about 72,000 Australians were admitted to hospitals for dental conditions that could have been avoided with earlier or preventative treatment.

Aiming to get more Australians the early treatment they need are two Perth based dental-entrepreneurs Dr Kris Thyer and Dr Kav Caldera.

The two dentists are creating a mobile app – which they called ‘The Tooth Market’– that doesn’t just help patients book a dental appointment, it also helps dentists diagnose.

Experience-driven startup

With 8 years of experience each under their belts, they wanted to create a platform that was ‘by dentists, for dentists’.

They also have the vision for increased industry transparency, so the app is more than a booking platform. It aims to help dentists diagnose and provide patients with an idea of what a procedure might cost and make finance application possible, if required.

“Ease of use will be key to our success,” Kris told Startup News.

The interactive nature of our platform will help educate Australians about oral health, encouraging them to visit the dentist so that small problems don’t become big ones”.

Kris, Co-Founder of The Tooth Market
Keeping Santa’s smile sparkling with seamless dental tech
Image: Pexels

Local developers for local startups

The passion for the idea led the two dentists to kick start their startup journey this year, enlisting Joondalup-based software company Redi Apps to build it.

The strong Perth flavour was also welcome news for the developer.

“Redi Apps were truly excited to be chosen amongst stiff opposition from both here in Australia and overseas, to build out this new dentist app.”

Andrew Miles, Redi Apps Business Development Manager


Feature Image: Dr Kav Caldera (left) with Dr Kris Thyer and the Tooth Market app.

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