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Is Perth Too Expensive For Startups?

Patrick Green
Patrick Green

A recent article in the AFR and subsequently re-posted in our local WA Today states that ‘Startups” are moving overseas because it is too expensive to do business in Australia.

The article lists an example as Atlassian, who after 12 years in business with over $100m annual revenue could hardly be called a startup.  Atlassian is looking to go public and could reduce its company tax bill by basing in a cheaper country thereby making its profits look a lot more attractive to investors.

But what about the little guys, the true startups, research and development teams building a product and business model, app developers, game publishers, e-shops, web utilities etc, do they find it expensive also? And especially here in Perth, what are the biggest costs?

Read WA Today article here.

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Patrick Green

Patrick Green

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